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membranes, no subarachnoid effusion, no unusual vascularity of
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Stevens and Griffith. The chart will then constitute a record of progress'
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most cases this is probably illusive : they sleep without realising it.
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a few previously existing diseases may become aggravated. When
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not be considered more than a half-way measure which holds out small
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gen bulb is to be preferred to the radium and fossa are vigorously cleaned out. By
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entirely. The patient was very much imjjressed by the treatment,
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—formerly applied, for the moat part, to a decoc-
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early in the local lesion and is present before the blood becomes positive
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by every family in Inman Mills in 1913. In other respects the dietary
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! the report concerning the hanging of the Polish sur-
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growth had undergone a malignant change. On the micro-
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and that on the right being 99'8°; the temperature, at the
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situated nerve trunks may be tender, and are occasionally thickened.
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be quickly restored, get a good pulse and a good color.
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I. By Dr WiLSON, Mavisbank. — For the sake of brevity
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breadth down, and the blood picture corresponded with that of pernicious
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the wall of the obliquely ascending canal will be taken as a distance, as the
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with dry earth, charcoal or ashes, and these should be freely used so
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Dr. Hausmann contends that it is the result of impregnation.
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Fig. 75. Spring Truss for Thorough-pin and Bog Spavin.
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wliich they seem to undergo, after assuming a cartilaginous con-
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Firenze, 1883, i, 60-63.— Meniere (E.) De la dilatation
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still under the influence of chloroform, removed carefully to