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portentious size or contract to microscopic dimensions, the
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tions in cases of leucocythasmia. He relates a case in which the patient nearly
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derness, the addition of a few drops of creasote to the injections
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the lens was removed from the right eye, both were closed
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Dr. Alfred Stille, President of the College of Physi-
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fair, the tongue clean. Vomiting is regarded as an unfavor-
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about three months, iq>parently cured. Those in the re-
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1953. Dixon, James P., Dept. of Public Health, City Hall Annex. (7)
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clause was inserted into the Sanitary Act empowering local
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tients suffering with severe headache, and hardly able to
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2. The urethral orifice is at a higher level than in any of the
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contribution of any ex-house officer to medical literature last
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inoculated them all, and several Siamese inmates of our families. All,
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become part of our code to regard the toper as no longer a
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and undergo a decomposition, with resulting fatty acids. These acids
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MnUrcn. I.eiter from Mahioca, Stopbeiison. K. B.. 402.
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" Physiological sensibility," observes the author, "may be
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large portions of the body, disappearing and reappearing again for
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and are extremely insoluble in water. The water solution, such as it is, has
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healed without reaction ; stomach opened. January 21st, 6 a.m., sud-
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the cutis. Treatment was tedious. Caustics, cutting, and the
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of sodium. Sodium bicarbonat-e is useful in indigestion and
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masses exhibited beautiful tubercles with giant cells, partly obliterated
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of air into tlie pleural cavity so exempt from danger; as
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In fact, the book is more wonderful than a fairy tale, more intensely interesting
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cet, Calcutta, 1897, ix. 10; 62; 115. — Seay (R. W.) Re-
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plete acquired immunity following a series of febrile attacks ; in the
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In the discussion which followed, the President asked how syphilitic purpura
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cepted by him. True, he paid $8 weekly, during the four weeks
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-with great success. The /owes mobiles consist of little tuns, very
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tional, in which case complete recovery is probable, or