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evacuation. He was, while wearing the tube, sent to

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the formation of gouty deposits. On the otiier hand, it is

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early nursling faeces, which is changed to green when exposed to the

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laid down on this point with regard to children ; each case must be

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hooked at the ends to fit into the holes." the skin and the projecting ends of the pin

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find the exact point when all the urea has been precipitated, it is neees-

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awakening the next morning, its &ce^id, eyes shut,

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of the knee. The first object was to give rest to the joint

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a-day, of a temperature not exceeding 90 c , saline purgatives,

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nioved. This is to be done by cold affusion, cold sponging,

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id temperature. They are, of course, urgently indicated if the

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pp., 81. fol. Lugduni, J. Veip-atiS'T. Soubron, W02.

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upon. One is the danger that muscular contractions may develop

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in the morning ; but this may be varied in many ways : thus for a

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capable of transplantation, and when transplanted into another

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infectious diseases next. From twenty-five years to thirty-five,

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that propagated the disease, were it not that they were con-

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ment of education much of it must necessarily be original and

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63 per cent. Determinations of phthalein output during convalescence

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the twelfth of the series, originates in the medulla oblongata, and

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Cattle-Plague ox, have naturally greatly excited our

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appearance of perspiration, at first only slight, but afterwards, in the more

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He also stated that the work done in Berlin was far in

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bacteria, such as the streptococcus and pneumococcus, which have the

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The haemoglobin was low in most cases 65, 82, 87, and 100 per cent. The

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invariably stopped the treatment short of fatigue. In all of

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in the Hoftheater. He recalled the history of the association

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described above in a case of pernicious anaemia. He saw