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Dose: Two globules in a teaspoonful of water, repeated six times, at
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vaginal delivery, providing the convalescence has been
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am not aware that the colored population presents a proportion of cases
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tion of the blood, minute areas of necrosis, the breaking down of
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who should ultimatelv receive the benefits of the State's new-
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to endeavour, by immediate intercourse, to come to an under-
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tion has of course been kept, and the weights of the viscera re-
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section. The wound was left freely open and dressed with a eusol gauze.
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By raising the sac off the pericardium, it was made to empty
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either in diagnosis or treatment. I shall only make a simple
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very different. A change of 20' of temperature, when the
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that must eventually arise. For the physician there
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We have never employed it but where the suppurating surface
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Therap., June 15. jinh ilafion of the chloroform; so that there
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locally peroxide of hydrogen was used. Aristol served
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extending to the neighboring glands and connective tissue, ren-
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tonus of the two groups of correlative antagonistic muscles, and conjugate
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not heard as much at that time of osteo-myelitis or meduUitis as we have
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find that he gets very short of breath on exertion. He may get sick in the air
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tant reason for such dilution, to which the author referred in a previous edition of
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Pemerara Indians, and subsequently identified by myself as
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'• mi/elite suppuree," does not actually say that the material which looli the place of the
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myxomata, lipomata, or sarcomata. They may be localised and encapsuled,
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fact that in large southern hospitals where a great deal of malaria
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the mortality proportionately to 1,000 in the population
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trosuspension, it is of extreme importance to define what is
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tube surrounded with a freezing mixture, it is condensed into a