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scliiedenen Krankbeiten. Allg. med. Anu., Altenb., 1803,
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there is gained a much larger adhesive surface, with abso-
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in other cases, digestion is not disturbed. Paroxysms or exacerbations
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first four days of treatment the average showed an increase in P 2 O 5 and
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thumb. Some years ago she injured her hand, and she says that
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was allowed, and subsequent visits to the same case
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the duration of the vibration, which depends, other things being equal, upon the
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lation. It is probable that the nature and variety of the food
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3. Cicatrization of the intestinal ulcers takes place slowly, but complete
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friends Hkevvise acknov.-ledged, that he was perfectly sane, and
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made good use of a dusting powder mixed as follows:
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I maintain that the rectum is naturally the terminal
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of rabbits; and for ointment the fat and oil in which sun-dried meat is preserved
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sciaticas, and tic douloureux of the face. In locomotor ataxia the results
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regular, \'\x ti-inporatiin' is normal, but bin pulso bouts only 48
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The treatment of wounds of above kind should, for reasons
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and triumphs in the possession of a secret it is I ,on 1P l ,.""" ^
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another. The retina then becomes coarctate, or extends like a cord,
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assumes to prescribe for the sick, ought not to receive such countenance
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The advantages of this simple Plate Rocker are that its
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which left much that could be desired, they were received
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Hofrath Unterherger^ Professor of Vetinary Surgery in Depart, informed ProfeRs<»r
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1 Reichert and Du Bois Reymond's Archiv, 1874, page 392.
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the normal portions, they presented the appearance of
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content. The blood is usually uniformly mixed in a glairy menstruum, the sputum
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general, it can be stated that the reaction ranged from a slight headache and
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disease of the bones, and involving cerebral meningitis as its
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origin. It is comparatively of little use in syphilitic