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by the bite of the dog (the so-called "street rabies")
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identical with that of the trachea and large bronchi, or
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close of the week were 173 cases of scarlet fever, 75 of measles,
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According to Wunderlich, this takes place by a series of steps, there being a
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was of middle age, and in tolerably good general health. The
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nosis is established, and if operative treatment is not to be con-
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case, the fact that no testimony was offered on the de-
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disease points to a favourable prognosis; in chronic debilitating dis-
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cities by land routes, why is it supposed to be so fatal when it comes by sea ?
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slain each day by alcohol, when the fact is that in
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The next annual meeting of the Connecticut State Medical Society
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studied, and young plants transferred to other parts of the
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On the clinical side investigations are still meager. Calvert*
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ower and E. T. Farrens, Clarinda : W. S. Grimes, Wapello; H. G. Lynch,
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structed pavilions, lying side by side, separated by only
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usually determined in another manner, as will presently be shown.
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close, ill-ventilated, and confined were the rooms of this house.
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began to separate the adhesions upwards. On doing so I came in
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Complete Excision of the Upper Jaw. — The operation of ex-
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dose, to be taken three or four times a day. lliis has sometimes a most grati-
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the 28th the screened thermometer read 10° at Wick, 7° at
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cological Association will be held at the Kimball House, in Atlanta,
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finding the time to communicate the results of their