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slowly shaken off and taken back into the current. In the cases

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with each other, their pressor action had to be compared with that

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compound. Nursing mothers; if use of drug is deemed

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cultivating the magician's art. He was able to parry this

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SB. Aeschylus and Sophocles. J. T. Sheppard, King's

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"It is impossible not to connect the persistent affections of

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cold. After a few days, 3j. of Extr. Kramerise is to be added.)

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fected with a sudden "dizziness", and felt as if she

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" A few fresh fibres are twisted on the end of the seton at every dressing and

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with a cell proliferation, and in every one of these minute bodies we

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psychology must always he interested in the curious phenom-

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being made in very old persons, the fluid will stream from the

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with the corresponding sound limb, and state whether ischemia or cyanosis is

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multiplication by gemmation in the lesion is but a phase in the life cycle

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America to cooperate in a Sanitary Congress to be held in Lima

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pnsdes. Their origin in the spleen is directly suggested by their fre-

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or inflammation followed, but he became alarmed and came to the hospital

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"' . "''■" "• " ''^"'" 'l'^' t'"' 11 d.i^ alter admission to ,1„. base

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ache. Leeches to head and nostrils were ordered ; the latter because

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chronic infection of some region of the body, the local resistance

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formed belief that the lesion could have been in the oesoph-

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doses of a saturated solution of sodium bicarbonate.

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rous regimen — but let the patient obtain the leave of his physi-

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the disease. Chloroform, of which much was expected, has

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made by neutrnli%iiig this allegation, both of which appear to me of great weight. In the

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tive duties. It was resumed December 1967. The project is sponsored by

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In cases in which the disease is confined to the larynx

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wiped, however, from time to time with a damp cloth and immedi-

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micomplicaled by hysteria or alcoholism (I have had