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plicating the peritoneum, intestine, and omentum. The upper
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composition. The walls of the cavity are constantly being destroyed,
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Lyons, undertook some experiments upon rabbits and hens. When
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* Kingston is in N. lat. 18' 15'. W. long. 76' 3S'.
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Report of the New Jersey State Board of Health] I fell
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Boll. d. Soc. med. prov. di Bergamo, 1894, v, 31. — Meno-
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it is not satisfactory to use them as landmarks for relations
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tive System of Medicine, given at St. Mary's Hospital. By Thomas
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Medicine ; and four years later, after a competitive exami-
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3. Hodgkin's disease in a boy 7 years old, seen only once
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* " Transactions of tUe Pathological Society," vol. xxii, p. 108.
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of their foreign brethren to a degree and extent hitherto un-
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known fact that in some European countries the possession of
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out benefit. At this time, moving to New York, she became much
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the lungs. The larger lobules have a thickness of from J to 2
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ment, or composed his body of some particular ferments, and
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truly, that as human beings we are responsible to our Creator
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As these cheap and inefficient substitutes are frequently dispensed instead of
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(1) In respect to the psychoses of infectious diseases
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sponsibilities in occupational disease monitoring and surveillance of employees
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cent, to 8 per cent, or more in the severe cases ; it may vary with
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raised bands, and containing over twenty-one hundred large -pages, on small, clear type.
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Hospital, I never saw a cecostomy performed, and yet the
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Before removing the needle the patient should break the circuit by
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quired. In the first the focus is to be found. In the sec-
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reputation gained through outward impressions on themselves or on
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those things fail, it is wiser to really excise the bone
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II. Metabolic Causes. — From the chemical standpoint, the etiology of
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Saunder's Question Compends. I. Essentials of Physiology.
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of excruciating pain ; this is the " irritable uterus," de-