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and German maidens who annually come to our shores, we

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patient loses in a greater or less degree the power of <iii«ting ni«hit»g odonn

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)rder to compel her to return ; or, if she wished to appeal, he would formally

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** General Observations. — When the carbuncles or buboes appeared

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cut off for a considerable time death of the tissue results.

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in the forehead, and uttered a ci-y ; her jaws then be-

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Contagious Diseases— Weekly Statement.— Report of

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articles about the household where the leper resides.

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preted as the last stage of the typhoid infection, but an examination of

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Legislature, of three new laws which will tend to promote the

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and 90 per cent require a secondary operation, which will consist in

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ancient times, and bones exhumed here and there have

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ploring instrument to satisfy myself of the presence

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areas and an increased incidence within established areas.

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11, a.m., the finger pressure, by relays of assistants, has been

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history of the affection. Both jaundice and hydro-[)eritoneum, however, are

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uate to know more of oral hygiene and its attendant

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is one [joint in regard to the intra-uterine douche on

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Sarcoma. — The figures again are few, only 5. The survival-period

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August of last year he began to suffer from cough, anorexia,

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bus, 179; by diarrhoea, 278; and by dysentery, 558 ; in

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In the United States cliolera spread far and near, as might be ex-

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produce free acid stools, accompanied by rectal tenesmus." I

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portion of lung floated on water. The entire remainder sank. Heart

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sitorily, a sense of heaviness in the epigastrium, which

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cat, and found a fall of blood-pressure, with dilatation of the vessels

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S. HAEdi.KK, Docent fiir Chirurgie und I. Assistenzarzt

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cup, very hard and tense, but not tender upon touch — had been

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history of epiphora having existed for a long time.

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to the staining of micro-oiganisms in tissues, but is then

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of danger, two or three days only may elapse. But this, in my ex-

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di Eoncesuo. Boll. d. Ass. med. tridentina, Trento, 1896,

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tionship to the severity of myocardial impairment. A dilatation occurrinj:

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The process of reaction, which is necessarily conceived

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sible ; that is to say, that certain physio-pathological qualities

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having been violently contused. (Murbach's ' Encyklopadie. Blitz ;' also

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sisting chiefly of Frankish subjects of the Emperor under the leader-

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there is also great tenesmus, and the patients soon become collapsed.

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does not take place in asthma, whereas the clinical results from the

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spirit in American civil hospitals comes with something of a shock. Phts ra

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