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" old statutes " men comprised many who ought never to
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visual word-centre, needful for the production of writing movements.
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lege shall become its strong point and excellence. But to do
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Hospital, and was placed under the care of Dr. Stokes, who prescribed
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tions, you cannot search too diligently for their cause
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fact that a miracidium hatches in about ten days after the eggs have
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average death rate in other sections of the State is
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the fovea centralis. Both eyes are nearly always affected.
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Med 40. Death took place from hemorrhage, within a few minutes after
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the upper and lower extremities. It pursues a varia-
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possibility of a total obstruction at some future date.
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Zeit.f. Hug., xxv, p. 413, l.'<97. » Sanarelli, Sur I'Emploi du Si-rum Curatif et
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medical profession ; and, per contra, whenever any sub
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Pepto-Manftan, Its Therapeutic Action. function of the blood.
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ing this period of regeneration, protective surgical
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far, of most certain service in the chronic stages of
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PASTUSZAK, M.D., Department of Pathology, Hartford Hospital,
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ministering it with meals will minimize these effects in the iron-sensitive patient.
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duce the spasms. They are examples of voluntary " movement-spasms,"
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*' Patent Insides *' in Practice. — Our readers will
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tion. The expectoration consists only of a little frothy mucus, unless
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ers the operation expeditious and successful. This part
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ure in either of these three conditions would induce cardiac
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directed to the one main feature, and that is ! the increasing of
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separate, form new currents, and re-enter the circulation.
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refer to some of them again, when they illustrate still further
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about some part of the trunk that may be very uncomforatable. Trophic review
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M.D., Chief of Diagnostic Radiology, Mallinckrodt Institute
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FoEwooD, William H., Major and Surgeon, by direction of the
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appreciable results obtained as soon as this apparatus has been ap-
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to the exact nature of the lesion, be was inclined to be-
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searching is done, GM should be much less expensive for
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to the simple clearing of bacilli and toxins from the intestine, but
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eaters " — ^' the carnivorous Romans," &c. which, so far as the true
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position than you will by resorting to any other method. This is the
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under the revised cholera regulations, an officer of the customs