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Drug Abuse and Dependence: VICODIN is subject to the Federal Controlled Substances Act (Schedule III).

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137; 145. — Bane (W. C.) Hea<lache due to eyestrain.

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ment. In bivouac and in cantonments it is united to the sanitary

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tically made up of a mass of myomatous tumors, was de-

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He was given fifteen doses of 0.9 gm. neosalvarsan and thirteen doses of

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any evidence in the sputum, the physical signs — an abundance of

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that appendicostomy would be a method suitable in some cases

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which we have usually employed: one cubic centimeter of a 0.1

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the hypnotised might not be induced to commit crime. Al-

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tarded circulation of the cbjlopoietic organs ; hsmic-

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possible improved, yet ** practically," as our author says, but

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title of House Committee." The whole subject of planning and erecting

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A good deal more of the same kind is written, but the

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anomalies in character. Then, without any determined

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gradually encroaches upon the wound surface on all sides, the

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has been heretofore imagined. I will take up the sub-

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Professor Koch Resigns.— It is stated that Koch has

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more dangerous regions, to the escape externally of purulent collections,

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lays a sufficient foundation for therapy, the authors

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this subject. Al|}ominal work gives more anxiety during an

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ence to the opinion of the Medical press on clitoridectomy,

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fingers are imbedded, occupies half of the dorsal sur-

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epithelium, so that only desquamation results. More often a small blister

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of course rightly regarded as the cause of any general failure of health that

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Pubic Health and Marine Hospital Service in practice and in

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other result than an apparent checking of the bleeding

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this organ very large. If it is small, it can be best improved by

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varieties of the indirect inguinal hernia and content

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cloths around the chest is soothing and comforting to the patient. Con-

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on the other — in short, the positions thus taken from researches in

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the State Board of Health and the whole-time health officers were a little

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smaad you to procure me the following articles immediately : A

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though such a statement may be a somewhat exaggerated one, yet I

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tightly. The nsevus must be allowed to separate spontaneously, the

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A finger was then passed into the wound, which was a clean-