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Unna describes it, a relatively superficial follicular horny cyst. They give

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opinions from all. The railroads put their best trains at the

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taken for cholera. Among those most liable to be thus confounded are

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use of glucose, which is an inferior article of sugar, formed by

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of tliis view was general and almost universal. In 1828

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bility than usual in the retina, none but the strongest vibrations would make

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term of study, and the qualifications for licence, were effectu-

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pleural cavity. The effusion was treated by aspiration

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ever there are the usual indications independent of

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of the external world was in the same direction. In the early stages

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they are to any other cause, and in treating of epilepsy from

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of society, show that the malady is rare before the tenth year of age,

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subject fully before the Council. I should not have ventured

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health of many persons, a very considerable number of whom

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and on washing found many eggs and encapsulated larvae which had

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strength that 1 c.c. shall be equivalent to 0.00365 gram of hydro-

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trance. A comparison of our CPAP sample with all re-

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immoveable, and united with the bone. It followed the mo-

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Leprous Immigrants.— An alarming increase of pauper

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recollections of his cordial hospitality and his charming

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aged three years who had been under treat- shoulder to the elbow. The skin seemed

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district of St. George, Hanover-equare, wliich were sent to the

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quae ts flushed, and then she gradually becomes unconscious.

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increases and diminishes. While the possibility of cerebral hypera;mia is

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wonted distension of tubes (the urethra, the ureters, and the bile-passages

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amount to one grain. To one patient he only gave |ths of a grain with-

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following excision, and of the 622 relapses, 545, or 87.6

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Sponge tents have been employed to dilate the urethra for the pur-

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of Potassium in Renal Cells. Trans. Canad. Inst, 1912. p. 389; Rochl, W.:

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always present, although as a rule the disease is only

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III, Vascular changes: (I) Arterial dilatation, (2) peri-

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for "the purpose of dissolving the interstitial membrane of animal fibre,"

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XVI. Clinical Lectures on Surgery. By M. N^laton. From Notes taken

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case ; I make this statement so that the members may know that Dr. Sproule is not ignorant