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The maintenance of the proper temperature of the chloroform in

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est because of its attachment to the posterior and upper border of

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line in the middle of the chia.sm. decussating with the

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are shrivelled and damp, and look as if they had been macerated in

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med. ,)ubb., Napoli, 1890, xxi, 193-20,5. -. Metodi per

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translucent and permitted the escape of a moderately viscid opaque

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the two kidneys. Two or more estimations should be made as checks

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Topically applied, it allays the congestion of the mucous membrane, reduces the swelling of

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Dean of the Faculty of Rush Medical College, Chicago, and J. H. Salisbury,

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10. Anemic Dyspnea. Exaggerated Breathing in Diabetic

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in the shape of the corpuscles. The best results are obtained with

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conference. It cannot l)e doubted that Spain will be

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pyocyaneus and proteus, and exceptionally the diphtheria bacillus

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gave to it, besides his marvelous professional skill, every possible form

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are often of vital importance. The systemic lesions due to the toxins

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or a whitish atrophic patch may mark the site of the absorption of the small

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the stone is in the cystic duct (see Fig. 29), the duct

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of America, at different seasons of the year, with an Account of the

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has been laid, and which has been well and amply illustrated, while

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Jollasse [5] in 1906 expressed his belief that the typical X-ray

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As a tendency to discharge through the right lung exists in a large

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prevalent in Prague in old times. J Casop. 16k. tesk., v

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there are some favourable symptoms. It is remarkable

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peculiarly prone to suffer from broken wind, where no fault

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THVONTP MwwTwrTTT* f Evidence of involvement of two or three nerve

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lacking. There is not the frank well-defined chill of the former group, so

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Prevention, and the Arkansas Chapter, American College

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of one symptom will guide him to the search for others, so that

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considerable inflammation, with appearances of rapid decomposi-

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throat, in skin disease, in genito-urinary diseases, etc.

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to fifteen per cent, has been added to the price for the

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writers are well represented, and readers of the Year-Book may, we