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healed under one dressing, without any complications,

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in a large number of cases we tind the breast " pigeon-shaped."

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treated, are, first, impossible of accurate recognition, or, second, im-

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pleuritis, and from great emaciation. An exact diagnosis is,

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and too numerous to mention. You may call it, if you please, a medical

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feeling of numbness long preceded the loss of power. "When I

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meridian of his career. He was still out of remunerative service, and

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ment in which the sickness had occurred. One week subsequently to the

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letters from Professor Layeock, embodying with characteristic

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and unpleasant. The object may be effected somewhat more quickly

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treated at home as cases of " softening of the bi-ain." It must not be

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when the doses were quite small. For example, daily-

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able pain is caused. The first case, from its interest, is detailed at some length.

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The proximate cause of fever, as already hinted, has

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the example of some others of his class and enter general literature. He

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ingly impressive (at the Paris Congress in 1878). It is, how-

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