Styling Help for a Sydney Bride – Wedding Style SOS!

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Yesterday I received an email from the lovely Anna who’s in need of a little help with styling her venue…

“We’re getting married in the Autumn and I’m in the midst of all the planning now.  I already feel like ‘if I had my time again’, which is not ideal.  I’m really excited about so many factors but I’m no longer excited about my venue.

We’ve chosen a seaside chapel in Sydney Australia – and it is truly gorgeous.  We will walk directly from the chapel into a large acoustic hall right next door.  It will be a noon reception and we have great views of the ocean …. it is just that the hall we are in is bland and large and almost impossible to decorate.  I can’t hang anything from the ceiling or from the walls.  Goodbye paper lanterns and inexpensive, abundant pom poms.  I’ve gotten on to lovely big round balloons – so seriously thinking of working with these.

 I’m wearing a vintage style dress with original vintage (30′s) shoes covered in blue silk with some original deco shoe clips from France ……… these are the exciting meaningful things.  The venue – unfortunately still drab.

Ideas Sarah, do you have any ideas on how to bring some scale into this BIG space?”

Firstly, congratulations Anna and so far plans sound amazing! Your venue looks awesome – that window!!!

I’d say, let the window and view do the talking…you can bring elements in that’ll add enough wow factor. The balloons for me are a sure-fire hit! Pick some of the blue hues out of the stained glass window, which you’ve already picked up on on your shoes and add long, weighted strings so that they sit about a foot and a half above your heads as you walk down the aisle.

They’ll look almost ethereal bobbing there and should give enough colour without pulling focus from the view and stained glass.

I’d then add all other interest in things you can take with you to the reception. Perhaps hand tied bouquets and have blue ribbons hanging gown from them – echoing the balloons.

For the reception – add interest on the tables. How about collecting lots of vintage glassware to echo the stained glass – you could add flowers to those for colour too. Also, the balloons can make an appearance and be placed up against a wall or float above tables. Also, play with people’s eye-line and stack things up {on vintage books perhaps} or add colourful flags into the mix.

Most of all, fall back in love with that venue – it’s so easy to get bogged down at this stage of planning, but I bet if you imagine walking down the aisle towards your beloved and that stunning view – you’ll still get a tummy jump!

All the very best…and please keep in touch with your plans. With Love, Boho Bride xx

Credits: Little Bay Chapel window via Cavanagh Photography. Balloons via One Wed, Melanger Baking, Manolo Brides. Vintage bottles via Sloan Photographers, Green Wedding Shoes. Bouquet via  Bohemian Bride; chalkboard via Snippet and Ink; table jars via Weddings By Color

Wedding Therapy – Bridesmaid Dress Bother

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A couple  weeks ago I received the loveliest email from Kait who was needing a little help with finding boho style bridesmaid dresses. Here’s what she had to say…

“I love reading your blog which I discovered when I got engaged last year, its so cool that there are others out there who love the same ideas, look, images, pieces and visions as I do, so thank YOU for creating this blog its truly inspirational !

I wonder if your able to help me with a small problem I have, well I say small in a laid back kind of way but its pretty important really ! I’m getting married on 24th June this year and STILL have no bridesmaid dresses…you see I managed to land myself in the hospital after a freak accident involving a glass and a lost finger (which has been saved by the way phew!) but its caused me quite a few months out of wedding stuff and now its safe to say I’m in a bit of a pickle… it also isn’t helping that what I’m after seems not to exist !

So here’s the challenge to you and anyone out there who can help…my colours  are purples, lilacs, cream, silver and grey flowers/foliage in the wildflower/rustic country garden sense and my fiance’s suit is pale grey. The mission is to find a very pale lilac almost dove grey bridesmaid dress ( 3 of ! ) in a boho style to tie it all together…

Can you please help as I’m hopeful you will know exactly where to look ! Oh and i am looking to spend no more than £100 per dress (cheaper if poss!)

I wait with baited breath that you can help! Kait xx”

Of course I was happy to make a few suggestions and it gave me a great excuse to do some virtual shopping! So here’s what I came up with…

Credits: Georgie Jersey Dress from Coast; Grfite Lux Dress from Coralie Beatrix on Etsy; Warehouse Short Sleeve Ruffle Dress on ASOS; Spaghetti Strap Silk Dress from ASOS

If anyone’s got any alternative suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment – it’s always nice to discover new places to shop! And ladies, feel free to email me with your questions and plans…it’s always lovely to hear from other planning Brides!

With Love, Boho Bride xx