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A Liberty Moment – Great British Royal Wedding Paraphernalia Wed, 13 Apr 2011 09:49:19 +0000

Today’s offering comes courtesy of Liberty – my favourite shop to visit whenever I’m in London and I regularly check-in online to see what goodness they have on offer. The country is braced for Royal wedding fever and whilst I’m excited to see the styling of the day, in particular Kate’s gown – it’s mainly the Great British paraphernalia that’s whipped me into a frenzy…

Left – Right: Commemorative Heart Mug; Royal Wedding Emma Bridgewater Tea Towel; Royal Wedding Tote Bag by Simeon Farrar; Royal Guards Cushion Lizzie Allen; Novelty Kate + William Royal Wedding Tea Bags

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Cool Britannia! – Alison Gardiner Limited Edition Royal Wedding Mug Mon, 28 Feb 2011 06:00:37 +0000

When I spotted Alison’s stunning work over on Cotton Candy Photography’s blog, I just had to know more and was thrilled to receive more info from Gem who took these uh-mazing best of British themed images!

Textile Designer and Illustrator Alison Gardiner has created this design to commemorate William and Catherine’s Royal Wedding on the 29th April. The design features Kate and William’s return journey to Buckingham Palace following their wedding – an iconic scene that’s sure to be a defining moment for Miss Middleton. Handmade in Stoke-On-Trent, with a 22 carat gold rim, each bone china mug features it’s unique number from 1-1000! A stunning way to celebrate the historical Royal wedding celebration, buy your limited edition mug here.

And here’s some of Alison’s other Brit inspired designs…

For more quirky designs and information, visit Alison Gardiner’s website

I love these! Such a fun way to celebrate a right Royal knees-up! Thanks so much for sharing ladies xx

Credits: Designer Alison Gardiner; Photography: Cotton Candy Weddings; Locations: Portsmouth’s Harbour, Portsmouth’s Gunwharf Quays and the Spinnaker Tower, Buckingham Palace…and telephone boxes in Covent Garden.

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A Certain (Vintage) Ring To It… Wed, 24 Nov 2010 10:18:23 +0000

There’s been much ado about Prince William giving Kate Middleton his mothers engagement ring and as someone who has also inherited a family heirloom, I have read people’s opinions and articles on the matter with interest.

There seems to be two schools of thinking. Those who believe this is an insult to Kate, that the gesture is somewhat ‘creepy’ and perhaps Diana’s ring will curse their marriage – and those who find it sweet and sentimental that William should want a part of his late mother to be with Kate, in their marriage. I fall into the latter category.

My beautiful engagement ring wasn’t given to me by my fiance directly, but was sent over to us from my Grandmother in New Zealand and it has it’s own story to tell…

Created in England, back in the 1920′s for my ‘other’ Grandma Doreen, my Grandpa returned to New Zealand with it where they married and later adopted their much wanted and longed for son, my Dad. A short-lived happy ending; for the cancer that had prevented Doreen from bringing Dad into the world herself, stole her away six years later and both my Dad and Grandpa were left heart-broken.

The ring was then briefly put on the hand of another lady, who’s time with it was again short-lived…but this had more to do with her temperament than the ring somehow dooming the marriage to fail.

For many years the ring was to sit in a jewellery box, with no one to claim, or enjoy it…until one day my Grandpa was to bump into another English lady. Stood in the queue at the butchers, he took a shine to her racy car parked outside and she took a shine to his cheeky charm…and the rest, as they say is history.

My Grandpa was only around for the first seven years of my life, but I remember our holiday’s spent in N.Z at his and Grandma Joy’s so vividly. They were fun…but most of all safe, secure and full of love. Theirs was a modern love story. A third marriage, but full of as much warmth, humility and expectation as the first…

When Grandpa passed, there could have easily been a fracture in our N.Z family…the distance alone makes visits hard and expensive. But 21 years later I am so proud to say that Grandma Joy is still an integral part of my life and (with the exception of my Mum) the biggest female influence I’ve had.

We write to each other, every other week and our very modern family connection is sustained in the most traditional and romantic way. Like a Jane Austin heroine, I excitedly race to the door whenever I see an envelope bearing her beautiful writing and sit with a cuppa, giggling…and sometimes welling up as she writes of her day-to-day life on the other side of the world…

Three years ago I had the honour of introducing her to my beloved and it was such a wonderful moment. Two loves of my life meeting on the other side of the world. It’s Grandma’s Birthday this week and as I type I can see her diamond ring catching the light. It makes me think of her and her kind hands. Sometimes my mind turns to Grandma Doreen…and my Grandpa…and the fleeting love-story they shared and how they are once again united.

This gives life to my ring. And I can’t wait to add to it’s story with our own happy marriage.

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Royal Wedding Inspired Mood Board Wed, 17 Nov 2010 10:04:09 +0000

Following the announcement of William and Catherine’s engagement, I thought it only apt to create the a wedding mood board. Sadly, I know they won’t be approaching me to style their day…but if they did….it would probably look like this….

A modern royal couple, with contemporary taste, I’d love to see them channel the ‘cool Brittania’ vibe!

Credits: Telephone box picture via I Want Vintage; Felt Post Box from British Cream Tea; Cath Kidston fabric; Pearly King and Queen & crown unknown; Eton Mess via Essential Baby; Bunting from Armstrong Ward; London bus image, Leon Steber Photography; Wedding gown, Marnie by Stephanie Allin; Vintage crockery from A Most Curious Party

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A Royal Wedding – What Does it Mean for Us? Tue, 16 Nov 2010 14:59:44 +0000

This morning it was announced that Prince William and Kate Middleton were to marry and as to be expected, the news is awash with speculation on where, when and more importantly who will be involved. Spring or Summer? Small or large? And who will design the dress?

The Prime Minister has been quoted as saying that Prince William and Kate Middleton’s engagement is “a great day for the country” so what does this very modern royal wedding mean for us citizens?

On a personal note, I’m actually feeling quite smug. As a newly engaged 28 year old and in a relationship that developed at Uni, I’ve endured the speculation as to whether my fiance would ‘ever’ propose and have found myself defending the gravitas of our relationship (pre-engagement) to many who should know better…so it’s angered me to see the tabloids dub Miss Middleton ‘Waity Katy’ when we live in such modern times and witness the breakdown of so many marriages…

And it’s also quite lovely to know we’ll be getting married in the year of the royal wedding, as it’s clear from today’s coverage that they’ll be lots of ‘wedding talk’ in the build up to Will and Kate’s big day…

But perhaps the most exciting part of this royal union, is what David Cameron referred to…the fact that it will be so good for the country. At a time when we are on our knees, battered and disillusioned there’s something hopeful in the news today and for the next nine months or so…

Of course, they’ll be those who will inevitabley cast shadow and doubt on this union and pass comment on the financial impact, but for me it’s all good. We have a Great British wedding industry that’s going to do very well from this happy news and tourism in the UK is sure to increase – and let’s not forget what a change it is to hear positive news headlines…

After all, take the royal aspect away from this impending marriage and here we have a young couple, in love and already enormously committed to each other, who are now ready to stand up in front of their family and friends…and the rest of the world(!) to take their vows. That’s got to give us all some hope eh?

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