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The Mourning After…Post Wedding Blues? Fri, 28 Oct 2011 05:00:38 +0000

I’ve had so many text and facebook messages of late from friends asking if I’ve been suffering from any post-wedding come-downs, or whether I’m mourning the loss of planning so much pretty and *gasp* some even asking if I’ll continue to blog wedding-ness now I am no longer a bride!

Well, I’m doing fine {thank you} and it hadn’t really occurred to me that I might have felt otherwise; but for any of your nearly-weds wondering how things might be once you’ve said your ‘I do’s'…the following might give you some insight…

♥ You have your evenings free to just mooch on the sofa…

♥ Along with the mooching comes the inevitable lapse in discipline in regards to resisting carbs and chocolate *score*

♥ You have lots of new pretty things like candle votives and ink bottles to make space for in your home

♥ You go back to work after the honeymoon and once the ‘congrats’ pleasantries are over you switch on your computer and see a mass of deadlines and hundreds of emails and you realise your brain has missed being challenged

♥ You have a cat{s} or dog{s} that don’t give a s**t if Mummy and Daddy now have the same name – they’re still the boss and require feeding, tickling and playtime on demand

♥ You’ve gained another pretty piece of jewellery and you man’s hand looks dead sexy sporting his ‘golden handcuff’!

♥ You come home to cards and presents and your neighbours tilt their heads and go ‘aw’ when they see you holding hands down the street…

♥ You might be pregnant and your baby brain means you can’t remember your own name, let alone remember if you’ve taken on a new one, said some vows and dressed up in a pretty white frock!

♥ ♥ ♥ Your fiance is now your husband ♥ ♥ ♥

Happy Weekend!

With Love,

Sarah, Boho Bride xx

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The Importance of Having Help… Fri, 14 Oct 2011 08:16:06 +0000

{Image Lucy Shergold}

Today’s blog is more of an ode to wedding planners/coordinators/stylists, whatever their title might be and more importantly to my friend Kate Fletcher. Regular readers might remember our ‘exchange of services’ – having met ‘virtually’ and bonded over a mutual love of design we decided that in exchange for my {now} husband creating her blog The Stockman Diaries, she’d act as-on-the-day coordinator at our wedding…

And how glad am I that we made such an agreement! Yes, I adore styling and had very clear ideas about how our day would look. Yes, I was organised enough to have copies of quotes and agreements and payment details. Yes I knew how much was left of the budget and regularly reviewed it with my better half…but despite having more than a little bit of the ‘Monica Geller’ about me – there is no way I’d have been able to cope – or even wanted to have coped with the day before and on the day details Kate assisted with.

In order to execute the look of our day, I needed my ‘team wedding’ with me – it was simply too much work for a single pair of hands…but beyond that, what Kate did was hold my hand and boy did I need that more than I realised. To have someone there, not just as my “ambassador of style” but as my friend too, was amazing. When the venue coordinator went awol in the middle of hanging our lanterns, I was able to concentrate on dressing the tables, whilst Kate tracked him down. When he said a fire pit would definitely be a no-go, Kate made it her mission to hunt down the owner of our venue and got a ‘yes’ directly from the horses mouth…

When it got to 7pm and I still hadn’t finished titivating, Kate took the scissors our of my hands and ordered me home to shower ahead of our 7.30pm pre-wedding dinner!

On the morning of the wedding – I didn’t have to worry about a thing. I was able to feel 100% confident that the cakes would be on the cake bar looking perfect; that the giant balloons would be handed out to guests and that our flower covered heart would be hanging above our heads as we said of vows…why? Because Kate had our backs. She was there to make the whole day seem effortless – and she did. And if we hadn’t had her help – well, I guess we’d have muddled through – but either myself, or my Mum or one of my Bridesmaids would have had to have filled her role…especially when the elements were hell-bent on challenging our outdoor plans!

So here’s my big boho thank you to Kate. And for any Bride out there who’s been in two minds about having that extra bit of help – go for it…I am sure you won’t regret it. One of the best wedding decisions I could have made…aside from marrying my man of course!

With Love,

Boho Bride xx

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Our Wedding Reception & Decor Thu, 13 Oct 2011 05:00:35 +0000

Those of you who’ve followed the blog quite regularly might know about my passion for design and styling; having worked in the theatre and as a home designer…I’m all for the pretty details!!! It was my love of styling that led to me creating this blog – an outlet for all my ideas and that same desire has also led me to set up the business of my design dreams Dressed With Love…

So here’s me really baring all. Here is my wedding style. Created from all the design bits of loveliness I’ve gathered over eighteen months, further inspired by some of my favourite blogs including Rock My Wedding, Love My Dress and Elizabeth Anne Designs, further mixed with our personal style as a couple {which has evolved over the past 10 years}  and the expectations of the beautiful, love-filled day I’ve been planning since I first felt the flutterings of enduring love towards my now husband. I hope you enjoy…

A few weeks ago I posted up our wedding mood board, which you can see here. My aim when making it was to create a wedding not only brimming with colour but full of our own personalities. We’re a laid-back couple, we don’t like pomp and ceremony and if in doubt, always err on the side of comedy. I doubt you can tell that from our mood board, but it’s certainly the feel we hoped to create for our day…

Assisted by my very own ‘Team Wedding’ which included my Bridesmaids, Sister-in-law and friends Amry and Dave, as well as my ‘ambassador of style’ Kate Fletcher, who not only acted as on-the-day coordinator, but also travelled down a day early armed with accessories from her other creative business Vintage Style Hire, we spent the Friday transforming an old, lofty, characterful barn into the ultimate reception venue for our laid-back, fun and colourful wedding!

It’s been quite well documented on the blog that I fought with the venue coordinator to ensure we could have trestle tables and lime-wash chairs…at times I worried that I was ploughing too much energy into sweating the small stuff, but as it felt like big stuff to me and I really didn’t want to compromise on design, I am now so glad I did. They worked perfectly in our long narrow barn and I loved how Adam and I were able to blend in amongst our guests!

We covered the tables in hessian and I scoured antique shops and ebay for old ink bottles to hold our blooms as I knew both would be a cheaper option than hiring tablecloths and having more floral arrangements created. Plus I loved how rustic the raw fabric looked against the brickwork in the barn and all those gorgeous glass bottles now have a place in our home.

The letters on the backs of everyone’s chairs were to represent our love of words. I love writing and have made lots of features throughout our home of letters and prints, so it seemed like a fun thing to do. We ordered the first letter of everyone’s christian names and tied them to the chairs with ribbon. We didn’t buy/make any favours, but instead encouraged our guests to take the letters home. We added more colour to the tables by making fabric napkins out of eye-catching remnants – thanks for your handy-work Mum!

I stumbled across The Hanging Lantern Companywhilst researching paper brollies for a photoshoot and immediately fell in love! Not only would they add more colour to the reception space, but they’d also bring the ceiling height down – creating a much more intimate feel. Result. I ordered a heap of them in different shades of pink and orange, different sizes and a handful of florist lights to hang in them.

Our ‘guest-book’ was actually a collection of white plates from Sainsbury’s, as I wanted something we’d see rather than pack away. They’re going up on the wall of our stairs…

The delicious food was supplied by local company Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner. Kris and Lee used to run a local restaurant {which I loved} so we were really happy to find they were now catering weddings and events. They worked with us to create an informal and tasty seasonal feast of spit-roasted Dartmoor lamb and salads and we had strawberries and clotted cream for dessert. Keeping things seasonal and local was very important to us and it also helped save pennies! At 10pm a snack of Cornish pasties were delivered to our guests to ensure no one went home hungry – although I missed out {too busy dancing} I hear they were delicious!

We had planned to set up the bar outside so folks could sit out in the courtyard on hay bales and mingle by the fire pit {a eureka moment from Kate – which was an amazing addition to the evening} but as more rain was a threat, we decided to cram it into a small room attached to the barn. My wonderful friends Kimmy and Laura had hurriedly decorated it the evening before – adoring every inch with fairly lights – those, plus the insanely cool neon sign that had been made for us as our wedding gift from friends Andy and Kirsty {Andy owns A1 Designs – and created the stunning Louboutins sign for Selfridges} transformed a dark, damp space into the funkiest bar area!!!

As you probably all know – dessert tables are very en vogue at the moment and rightly so. Well, we’re not crazy about dessert so much as we are cake fiends…so a cake bar was on the wedding ‘must-have’ list from very early on! I asked those of my friends who can bake – to bake away and Ann, Kim, Paula and Laura most definitely delivered – with offerings of brownies, cheesecake, pound and cupcakes to name but a few. We also ordered cupcakes from Lindsays Cakes and our next door neighbour Mark made the uber fabulous, traditional victoria sponge!

I’d sourced an array of vintage glassware from charity shops {costing me £11 in total!} and juxtaposed these pieces with neon plastic tableware from Matalan – as I didn’t want the look to be too ‘vintage’. Kate brought the little steps, crates and suitcase {her genius idea to display the cake that way!} and laid the whole table out for me on the morning of the wedding. The oh so cute and kooky ‘love birds’ was made by regular guest blogger and friend Katy Howieson. You may also notice the gorgeous cuff I’m wearing in the evening…a gift from Katy and more of her beautiful handiwork.

We ♥ music and it was hugely important that the party rocked. From the offset Ads and I knew we’d like a live band and after hearing a Beatles track in the car and both singing along emphatically, we decided a tribute band was the way forward. The first band double-booked and it was thanks to a Twitter shout-out and some help from Alison Tinlin {aka @MrsP&P} that we booked The Fab Beatles, an Exeter based band they are the mutts nuts! It was like we were witnessing a genuine Beatles gig – they sung the roof off the venue and everyone was dancing, singing and having the time of their lives!

To end, I just want to say that your wedding day will conform to all the cliches your told about…it really is the greatest of occasions and so worth putting time into. Whatever your budget – you can still have the day of your dreams. Surround yourself with those dearest to you, embrace each others ideas, hold tightly on to each other and steal as many private moments as possible and you’ll be sure to enjoy the ride. We might have planned the ultimate outdoor wedding…but wind, rain and hail was clearly meant to be….it created so many incredible moments and memories – we wouldn’t change a thing!

With Love,

Sarah, Boho Bride xx

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Our Wedding Ceremony Wed, 12 Oct 2011 05:00:10 +0000

I wrote some notes ahead of writing this as I thought it might help – but I’ve actually decided to go ahead and just use the notes. It’s hard to describe our wedding ceremony in too many words – I can only really recall it in feelings and snippets of moments as if I’ve watched a silent film…

I arrived to Bridesmaids giggles and the welcoming sight of our friend Dev’s beaming face as he held an umbrella for me. Warm rain and the smell of the end of Summer. My shoes kept catching in the gravel, the grip of my Dads arm. Music…the beautiful sound of ‘Feel My Love’ being sung alongside an acoustic guitar…

My gorgeous girls and the wall of pink they created up ahead. So many steps! My brother’s wide smile under a big umbrella {a moment between us I’ll never forget} My collage flatmate Helen’s pink tipped hair (!), familliar, smiling faces, big balloons and the feel of my face crumpling as I try not to cry…

My Adam. So handsome. Beaming. Tears in his eyes. Seeing his face was the most comforting feeling, like the world dissapeared around us…I don’t remember feeling the rain. My Dads voice. My face aching from smiling so much. Our Best Men’s emotional faces over Adams shoulders. My nephew chatting, my Mum hushing. My mother-in-law sobbing into a hanky.

Friendly voices giving readings…The Apache Wedding Vows {roars of laughter at the words “now you will feel no rain”}, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, I Carry Your Heart, Sonnet 116.

Rain. Wind. A break in the ceremony to let the rain pass. Bodies huddled together under the toot. Laughter. Adams squeezing my hand and we steal a moment in the shelter before our vows…

Confusion and laughter as Simeon hands me my ring…nearly married the Best Man! My hand in Adams. His hand in mine.The vows. My husbands big brown eyes – so full of emotion. So aware of my voice…high and breaking…can’t hold it together. I see the other Simon break down over Adam’s shoulder…tears from a big burly rugby player. I cry too. Adam’s big hands are so warm. My hands feel cold and wet.

The comforting sound of our friends joining in with ”I Wanna Grow Old With You” from the Wedding Singer and more voices join for “Better Together”. I look out and see friends swaying and singing under their umbrellas – amazing! Man and wife. Kisses. Applause. Smiling. More music…”Kiss Me” as everyone runs to find shelter from the rain. We run across the wet grass and reach the cobbled steps just as the hail storm starts! So much laughter. Can’t have blessing outside. Relief; Kate has cleared the tea room - it looks beautiful. Flowers & warmth. Rev John holding roses. Such words of love. More tears from my Mother-in-Law. Nephew drops rings – more laughter.

A prayer for our baby. Gasps from shocked guests who didn’t know. Tears from loved ones – and so much love in the room. We exchange roses – our first gift to each other as husband and wife. Steal another kiss. More cheers! Now on to the Pimms and cream teas…

Our reception and decor details on the blog tomorrow!

With Love,

Sarah, Boho Bride xx

♥ Photographer, Lucy Shergold; Venue, Tapeley Park; ‘On-the-day’ co-ordination, Kate Fletcher Events; Hair, Creative Wedding Hair; Florist, Allene Daly; VW Van, Devon Cool Campers; Gown, Claire Pettibone at High Society Cowbridge; Shoes, BHLDN; Veil, Etsy; Bridesmaid dresses, Yoox, Oasis, French Connection and Oh My Honey; Grooms suit, Next

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Our Wedding Morning Tue, 11 Oct 2011 05:00:07 +0000

Wow, it’s actually really hard to know where to start, but I think it best to split our wedding posts up into three parts…the morning of, ceremony and reception – as I might otherwise overkill on info and images! The morning of our wedding is a part of the day that I will always hold dear, as I was surrounded by so many of my favourite people who were as excited as I was to celebrate the occasion. So here goes…

The day before had been blisteringly warm and as I had heard from my heavily pregnant, dear friend Nat, also one of my ‘Maids-of-Honour’ that she wouldn’t be able to make it down from Crawley, due to her baby girls arrival being imminent…I felt confident that despite my heavy heart, the sun would shine. I’d prayed all week that to have Natalie at the wedding, I’d trade good weather; so as she now wasn’t going to be there, good weather surely would; imagine my reaction then when I woke to discover that not only was it raining, but blowing a gale too – I was doubly gutted.

Our whole wedding had been planned outside (we expected an Indian Summer!) so no sooner had we wiped the sleep from our eyes, we set about texting everyone  to ensure they brought thier wellies and umbrellas!

My dear Dad was outnumbered by nine women and kindly arranged breakfast for us all, as we set about preening, gossiping and giggling our way though the morning…

One of the best things about writing Boho Bride has been the people I’ve met, who I now count as good friends, Claire Mathers of Creative Wedding Hair is one such person and I was so pleased to have her there on the day not only as a friend and guest, but as a hair stylist too. She just gets me – so I was clearly going to be in safe hands!

My other close friend and fellow wedding industry peep, Lucy Shergold soon followed and it was at this point that it dawned on me – this is really happening! Lu and I have crammed in so much work together in recent months – my own wedding always felt an age away…but the day had finally come!

Florist Allen Daly then arrived and set off a cacophony of ooh’s and ah’s as she brought through the stunning arrangements. I’d asked Allene to create bouquets that looked very natural, almost wild. She knew I wanted lots of pinks, oranges, blues and yellow and that I loved Daisies, but the rest was up to her. I hadn’t a clue what type of flowers I’d be getting. We were all blown away by how beautiful it all looked.

I’m not very good at make-up, but my friend Jo is awesome. A solicitor by day – this girl really has some talent in the beauty department, so was the obvious choice to help transform me. We’d visited Mac in Bristol the week before, where I had a ‘makeover’ and Jo had taken notes…but no sooner has she’s started priming my face, Nat called to wish me well…little did we know within seconds of taking the call I’d end up in floods of tears with a red, blotchy face!

As I was chatting to Nat via iPhone face-to-face when she suddenly turned the phone and asked if I recognised where she was; it was her old bedroom in her parents house less than 20 minutes away!!! Nat and her husband had set off from Greater London at 5am to make sure they didn’t miss our big day – they’d even made note of all the hospitals along their route just in case their little girl decided to make an appearance! I truly have the best friends in the world.

A half hour later and Natalie had arrived, all my Bridesmaids were present, my niece and nephew were there and our Mums had arrived back from the hairdressers and were in the midst of getting their glad rags on. It was 2.10 pm and I was due to get married to my beloved in 50 minutes!

The following half hour or so is a blur – there was a flurry of activity and before I knew it our transport, an beautiful VW van from Devon Cool Campers had arrived and everyone had left bar me and my wonderful Dad. After what seemed like forever, the gorgeous camper called ’George’ had returned and all I remember at that point is my Dad squeezing my hand as we sat in silence as the van wound it way round the drive of Tapeley Park…

The ceremony will follow tomorrow.

With Love,

Sarah, Boho Bride xx

♥ Images, Lucy Shergold; Hair, Creative Wedding Hair; Flowers, Allene Daly {website coming soon}; VW Camper, Devon Cool Campers

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A Little Announcement… Mon, 10 Oct 2011 05:00:28 +0000

Happy Monday all! A big thank you to everyone who continued to support the blog whilst I was on honeymoon and for your patience with my somewhat sporadic postings in the lead up to our wedding – it was indeed the best day of mine and my hubby’s life so far! Not everything went to plan…it rained, poured and even hailed on our wedding day, but we wouldn’t change a thing.I’ll be publishing my write up of our wedding over the next few days – so I hope you’ll tune and and that you enjoy. I actually feel incredibly nervous about unveiling it all.

Well, getting back to the little announcement…I am delighted to finally be able to shout from the rooftops that my Husband and I are expecting even more joy…as we are having a baby in the Spring!

Life threw us a little curve-ball ahead of the wedding and way back in July, after a couple weeks of feeling slightly strange and acting like I had the nose of a bloodhound it dawned on me that there was a chance I might be pregnant. Knowing we were about to embark on a romantic weekend away, I decided to quietly take a test; (really wasn’t expecting two lines!) lucky for me I did – as (after I’d picked Adam’s jaw off his desk) the next day my friends showed up to whisk me away on my surprise hen do…and so the secret was out amongst my girls. I was to be a knocked-up Bride!

It’s tough planning a wedding when you’ve an aversion to everything, when you’re retching over the mere thought of cake – let alone can’t ever envisage being able to enjoy it…and by the time I’d got home from work, having already battled to stay awake at my desk, an evening of table plans and wedding diy was, at times really hard graft…

But I was lucky. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. As the wedding approached, so my 1st trimester symptoms began to wane and I suddenly started to not only feel myself again – but feel more alive and more energised – more full of life, than ever before. And being able to make our baby a part of our special day, has to have been the best wedding gift the world could have ever given us.

There was more than a little concern about how I’d squeeze into my form-fitting, oh-so-gorgeous Claire Pettibone gown…but thank goodness for Mama Spanx – they saved the day!

So there we are, our secret’s out. A new chapter as newlyweds and parents-to-be has began and we couldn’t be happier.

Big in-love-with-the-world goodness to you all,

Sarah, Boho Bride xx

P.S Whilst I was away Boho Bride turned 1 years old – so an enormous thank you to everyone who has dropped by, contributed, commented on and supported me and my blog on this wonderful journey…it’s been amazing so far and although I am no longer a planning Bride myself, I hope I can continue to help inspire those still enjoying their journey. There’s plenty more pretty to come! xxx

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Our Wedding Mood Board Wed, 14 Sep 2011 05:00:16 +0000

Happy wednesday all! Me and the Mr are now at only 3 sleeps and counting and I can hardly believe it – things are getting very exciting!!! This morning I’m getting my roots done and am hoping to finish off all the diy bits and pieces that I’ve clearly left to the very last minute…

I digress, for todays is the day I finally post our own wedding mood board and it’s been the hardest one to create yet! I changed it so many times and actually scrapped the original…choosing instead to publish the board I put together on Pitnerest in a matter of seconds as I now figure it captures the essence of the day I hope to create; colour-tastic and full of pretty!

So there it is…and here’s hoping we can emulate the same sort of style caputed in this board, as all this colour gives me the warm and fuzzies!

With Love, Boho Bride xx

Credits: Elizabeth Anne Designs; The Wedding Chicks; Love My Dress; Love My Dress; Chris Giles Photography; Boho Bride; Sweet Emilia Jane

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Our Wedding – 5 Days to Go! Mon, 12 Sep 2011 05:00:34 +0000

I know there’s been a bit of an absence of bother personal posts and inspiration of late; my apologies dear readers as things have been very manic. You see I’m actually getting spliced this Saturday and have been pulling in all the hours not only at my day job, but on the styling jobs I’ve also been doing….not to mention actual wedding plans! My candle has been well and truly burnt at both ends and I am so looking forward to 5.30pm Tuesday when I can finally fully embrace the gravitas of what this week has to offer…

For those of you reading who are in the midst of wedding plans and for those who might have already been through this experience, I thought I’d highlight a few of the things on my ‘to do’ list as well as note down some of the fluttering feelings that are passing through my head {and tummy} as the day ebbs ever closer…

♥ I am giving up the name that I’ve lived with for 29 years and whilst I’m happy to it also feels huge. A lot of my friends call me by my surname, even more so lately and whenever I hear it I have a little pang of upset that I’ll be letting it go….yet I also feel really ready to be Mrs C, and very proud as well. It’s a strange feeling – has anyone else had a similar experience?

♥ I keep getting break-outs of spots on my chin and now look like I’m in the midst of puberty…why? why? why?

♥ There’s no way I’ll be able to include every design detail I’d originally planned for our wedding – but I have prioritised those that we feel an affinity towards and I guess that’s what truly matters.

♥ Over the last few days, looking at my hubby-to-be, whether he’s sat at his desk or doing the dishes, fills my heart with a feeling of overwhelming happiness with the knowledge that we’ll be making life-long vows to each other in front of all those dear to us. It’s an incredible, indescribable feeling.

♥ The table plan needs to be…er planned.

♥ We booked a September wedding because we love autumn and were sure we’d have an ‘Indian summer’; we therefore planned nearly every element of the day to be outside….not sure things will go to plan and I’ve had to let go of those kind of expectations and adopt a ‘keep calm and carry on’ attitude. Once I acknowledged that I cannot control the elements - I started to sleep a lot easier…

♥ This is sure to be the most exciting time of our lives so far and we can’t wait to share it with our family and friends!

With Love, Boho Bride xx

P.S. Drop by on Wednesday when I’ll finally be publishing our own wedding inspiration board! xx

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The One Where I Accept That I Can’t Do It All… Tue, 30 Aug 2011 05:00:37 +0000

I have always had extremely high hopes for our wedding; perhaps a little too much ambition style wise. You see, writing this blog has been the most wonderful experience whilst planning my own wedding, but it is also a bit of a duel edged sword…I see so much pretty and am inspired by so many other creative Bride’s, that I have tried to include it all in our own wedding…

I have failed. It occurred to me this weekend, as I tried to juggle multiple diy projects, whilst acknowledging that I’ve yet to confirm some quite major details (haven’t even sorted wedding cake yet!) that somethings gotta give…and I think that something(s) needs to be some of the ‘details’ that, if I hadn’t had this moment of clarity, might have made our wedding look a little OTT and ‘overdone’.

Instead, I’m focusing on the elements that really give me design love palpitations – the one’s that are more ‘us’ than general wedding trends. And it feels really good….and such a relief. So I guess what I’m trying to say is stay true to your signature styles as a couple. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, step back from your plans and step away from your various ‘look books’ and wedding files and think about what really fits for you.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to having your wedding, your way.

With {less than three weeks to go!} Love, Boho Bride xx

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Someones Girlfriend, Someones Fiancee, SomeonesWife Mon, 22 Aug 2011 08:17:41 +0000

After 18 months of being engaged and around nine months of official planning, it has finally dawned on me that following our September nuptials I am actually going to be someones wife. Which begs the question, aside from my change of status, what will actually change, if anything?

I have been in a relationship with my beloved for a whole decade. Hard to believe when we look back at photo’s that those fresh-faced teenagers are indeed us…and things were starkly different then. Every feeling felt ‘intense’ – not just the love, but the the pain too…the angst over every harsh word, the constant need to ‘interperet’ what’s been said as if we were always talking to each other in code. Every time a couple we knew broke up…we’d always then have to thrash out whether we could in fact be the next ‘doomed’ pair….gah, it exhausts me to think about it now!

Happy times of course {well we were young and fearless and threw ourselves in to everything feet first!} but once drama school was over, our relationship evolved in a different way. Now twenty-somethings, we bought our first home and set about ‘playing house’. Work was erratic, money was tight and we no longer felt the need to socialise. Too wrapped up in our new status as co-habitee’s, we adopted our eldest fur baby Milo and spent our weekends curled up on the sofa, under a blanket with the cat – eating and watching films. We like to call that our ‘comfy’ stage. We both put on about two stone. I’m still trying to work the last 8 pounds off.

The next stage was the ‘growing’ stage, where we both explored our individuality. I guess this is the time when things can either make or break – ironically it was around the seven year mark. We were lucky though, having moved closer to the S.West and Wales {Reading} so each of us could travel home more, we became quite independant of each other – but rather than that factor pushing us apart – it was like we found each other even more interesting; there was more to talk about and I guess we grew together and found more reasons for our love to deepen.

I still find my OH thirst for knowledge massively appealing – he’s a self made man and works damn hard to continually learn new skills. And I know he really appreciates how I throw myself into things and then figure out how to make it work. Throughout the time mentioned above, we learnt a lot about each other and the kind of people we were growing into during this stage. It was a challenging, but brilliant time.

And then came settled. A blissful chapter that still stands – when you know who who are as both individuals and a couple – and what you’re about. Where you’re no longer looking over your shoulder to see what others are doing, or care about what they think. That bit where you appreciate yourselves for the people you’ve become; this is me, this is us and this is how we roll. Ah, if we could only go back a reassure our teen selves!

So given that we’ve settled into this happy and confident state – what’s going to change? Well, despite me once protesting that marriage doesn’t mean squat if you’re already committed to each other – I do feel a little different already. It might sound shallow – but by standing in front of each other to make those vows, I am expecting a subtle change in our dynamic. He will be my husband and I will be his wife and that tells the world that we hold each other in a higher regard than anyone else on this earth. And we don’t just get to celebrate that together, but all our other favourite people will be there to celebrate with us too.

I’m so excited about our wedding day now – and I really can’t wait to become someones wife.

With Love Boho Bride xx

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