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July 12, 2012 by  
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Hello Lovelies,

I am sorry there’s been such an absence. Those who follow me on Twitter or Instagram might know that our little boy has been poorly and unfortunately so has my Dad as he continues to bravely battle cancer – but – I am pleased to say Dylan is better and Dad is getting back on form so I’ve been able to steal some time to go through all the wonderful feedback I’ve had in regards to the blog.

To those who took the time to get in touch, thank you. I think I’ve replied to everyone – but if I’ve failed to respond to you, let me know as sometimes emails go to my bulk folder by mistake. I really appreciate all your input and support.

Sadly I can’t take everything on board {It’s just me – at the moment – working on Boho Bride & I don’t have enough time to organise a forum or weekly competitions etc…yet} but will do what I can to tweak the bits of Boho Bride that might not work quite so well in order to help you enjoy the blog even more – so here’s what’s I’ve {well you’ve actually} come up with…

♥ Less ‘real weddings’ but more home grown ones! I had wondered if I’d started to gravitate from my original mantra, to feature real weddings every few days and stick more to inspiration and ideas – and it seems my hunch was right. There are other blogs featuring real weddings so beautifully and it seems crazy that we sometimes show the same ones; so my aim is to do a lot of sourcing myself and make sure there are plenty of UK ones in the mix {though I adore some of the styling from across the pond, so there’s always going to be a few from our friends in the US, Oz and beyond!}

♥ Better catagorizing. Yup, I’m pretty slack at that. Must.Do.Better. I aim to make them more user-friendly, so you can search for more keyword specific styles i.e. Vintage, Boho, Shabby chic…

♥ More mood boards. This used to be my ‘thing’ and I really appreciate how many of you enjoy them – so I’ll try to create one per week. If anyone has an specific themes they’d like me to try, let me know!

♥ A weekly round-up of the wedding world. Some also asked if I’d do a kind of “things I like” post, so I thought I’d merge the two…featuring wedding love & links to other blogs/sites and their fab features as well as maybe a few fashion/beauty finds etc that I’ve found myself coveting.

♥ Personal posts. I am chuffed to bits so many readers of the blog enjoy the personal side of it – but I’m still struggling to think of how to approach them now I’m married. Would you like a guest bride-to-be blogger? Or just general musings from me?

Well, that’s really all the amendments I thought I could implement at this time – but please keep the lines of communication open as I love to hear from you. There’s plenty of pretty to follow next week!

Here’s to a sweet Thursday,

With Love,

Sarah, Boho Bride xx