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and exhibit his views in plain, solid, and candid argument.
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field division like the non-infected — in other words, they appear to
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seconds over a period of seventeen months. On the other hand, 20 per
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traindicated operation, and it was decided to inject
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a raising of the pelvis by means of pillows may be sufficient in an
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ually withdrawn, the fragment directly following it."
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was found to be impossible. In all the cases in which recovery
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Edin-buhgh I jtessrs. Maclachlan and Stewart, (U, South Bridge ;
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descriptions given to these tracts by authors, we shall for uniformity
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are removed and perfect union is almost always obtained.
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For our purpose it is splitting hairs to discuss whether it is
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b. Destruction of Materiel for Reasons Other Than Its Im-
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mene YPiederherstellung. Klin. Monatsbl. f Augenh.,
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Here, no one would think of pointing a gun at one of those
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Dr. J. M. Aiken, Omaha, in a paper on this subject, made a
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and pregnancy may be made, the fetus beginning to show from
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along the medullary canal, and may have wounded the nutritious artery.
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an able one, and well deserves study. It ought to be, and no
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lobe infiltration. 19 Classic apical disease w'as rarely
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Dr. W. K. Otis, of New York, stated that last year he
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aiM^lvinir water is str(m«xlva<lvocated bv Trousseau, who states that \u li:is
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the urine. An early diagnosis was of the utmost importance to the success
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owing to the combined action of both amoebfe and bacteria. The floors
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under treatment at the first dawn of the malady, and they are
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race, the English, Dutch, and Germans, The tricocephalus dispar,
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be very different from what it has been in the past. I have seen
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and, amid the doubt and scepticism of the nineteenth
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gres medical," theses had been set down for the dates named as follows :
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that all injurious influences which generally act as causes of peri-
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bladder daily with the fountain-syringe. The latter
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tuberculous inflammation in such close proximity to the articular sur-
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pyricism of such countless numbers of writers, and that it
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and cannot use his muscles; he is tremendously easily
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is taken to preserve asepsis. It will be seen that this
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the glands, and when it does not it follows soon after. In time the