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Remarks. — In the report of this case there will be found noted nearly

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to the next meeting of the General Medical Council.

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from sliock ; some having never reacted, and some after

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of his experience as compared with those attained formerly in

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pality. In 1870 there were 4228 persons vaccinated {i.e., 1267

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times, however, the obstruction is not relieved, and the

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Other symptoms i^eferable to the nervous system, or ataxic symptoms,

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law of geometric proportion cannot be applied to trypsin digestion (see p. 469);

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tion of haemoglobin is disturbed (poisoning). The trans-

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throat with other manifestations for which a never had, in New York, a fatal accident from

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It is simply a matter of fact that both typhus and typhoid fever may pre-

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facility with which certain corners and places can be

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Ms. Davis and Ms. Szucs are with the Visiting Nurse

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oaed as a local anaesthetic and counter-irritant in

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oriental boil or cutaneous leishmaniosis are endemic in British and French colonies

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CNS - Rare cases of reversible mental confusion have been reported

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and adjacent glands should be removed with the kidney if possible, but that it

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oriental boil or cutaneous leishmaniosis are endemic in British and French colonies

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James H. Oakley, Illiuois, commissioned assistant surgeon.

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More difficulty may be found with urination, many finding great diffi-

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The attempts at classification of monsters are as numerous

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Case 26. — A man, aged 35. entered the hospital Oct. 8, 1914. A diagnosis of

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spontaneously while they were very small. A stream of hot

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Viewed unstained bacteria appear as undifferentiated, almost colourless

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the disease so widely prevailing at times over the North American

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The following are the officers : President, Theo. D.

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and then an indefinite series is carried on throughout the period

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it is now healing. Before the ulcer developed, the tip of the thumb

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he became very anaemic, chalky white, lost his appetite, complained of pain

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sicum ; they may then be restored to their healthy action,