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have a good nurse to superintend the changing of the dressing.

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oedema," " inflammatory hyperaemia," or " congestive nephritis." In severe cases of

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thrombin is available in solution and that there are no substances

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thesis an interesting case (Obs. XXVII.), from Labadie-Lagrave, of

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the condition was the same, except that the temperature had risen to

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15,446,852, a decrease of 5 per cent. The correctness of these figures

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placed in a sitting posture, with an attendant holding his

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from bowel on 21st day ; death ; ulceiation of large and

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the mouth is blackened with sordes, the parotids and submaxillary

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i t any other wound upon himself. Injuries of the head are attended with

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system, taken as a whole, may act injuriously upon the alimentary

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and vegetables equaling 500 calories or a to-tal of 2700

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porated a paper written by himself, also in 1880 ; both

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nary hy persemia ; (5) cases of sunstroke complicated by malaria have

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theory of predisposition has support in the well-known susceptibility

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ered by the late Professor Charles D. Meigs in 1859,

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The results furnished by the Committee on the " Physiological

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ferred by the publisher, precise directions in the plans of treat-

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the axilla and search for infected glands, even if they cannot be distinguished

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verted by Dr. Hayes, and Dr. Griffith believed that the

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A tabular statement was then presented, giving the re-