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some even being but slightly ill, while others in the same house rapidly

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Morbid anatomy shows disease of the posterior columns, as in

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annual meeting will be held at the hospital, Swansea, on Wednesday,

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Emaciation was very pronounced in 17 with goiter and in 6 of the

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Though his caustic wit may sometimes have stung for a

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The further course of these ulcers greatly varies in diflFerent cases.

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lifferent works and mines to the members of the Associa-

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sufferers tlierefrom. ImmerFc the feet for ten minutes or more iu cold

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the local condition, it is to be concluded that the chronic

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and fingers and of the supinator longus. No anaesthesia was detected.

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mittee on Medical Charities, and asking for an expression of

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2. If an action were brought the purchaser should counterclaim for tl e

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In the list of Birthday honours published last week, the

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contradiction, that Harvey's discovery of the circulation of the

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to conduct their business, by employing only qunlitied

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fever was wholly unknown, produced the identical disease there, of a

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they seemed gradually to increase until they attained the

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to the evening of June 10th. Blost energetic measures, it is-

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malignancy to see a powdering of white phosphate of lime

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same fibroid and mucoid proliferations, producing arterial

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to Dr. Cassidy, Medical Superintendent, by June 21th.

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elements. The cells are finely granular, and may have no deposit of

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in the ]\Iidi had become infected with cholera. At Cette,

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Any qualified medical practitioner, not disqualified by any

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taken by the double apparatus of breathing. Much more than this,

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\liv\.\ \\x»uen with hysteria have a loud, barking cough, the

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As a central aflFection it occurs in tabes and bulbar paralysis, but may

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Cameron. Council ■ Sir George Porter, Bart. ; George Hugh Kidd,

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stomach often causing dizziness, which may be relieved at once by a

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town?"' and " If he had been reading the account of a small-

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cases where property, etc., was concerned ; secondly, the

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darkness favourable to the multiplication of cockroaches and to the

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medical faculty is sufficient for a fair knowledge being

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went to church, taking with her a little girl of about 4, the

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"Diseases of the Breast" and " Perityphlitic Abscess" to

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especially complained of by 21 patients with goiter and by 18 patients

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that it is not enough in urine examination to determine whether it

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In private life Ouida is probably a kindly woman, and is as

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irritation and to permit the reabsorption of blood that may have passed

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