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corporis. The insect differs from the other two species, which infest
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cury on the liver, and the subsequent hypertrophy. I shall, however,
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which he exhibited to the Academy under the microscope. He stated
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Society in Ohio is very different from society in "West Virginia.
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Buildings. The means just enumerated, combined with absolute rest in
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In the case of a patient named Michael Murray, who exhibited the
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and we could hardly avoid seeing his literary effort, which in the
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ing review of the labors of some our most eminent investigators in
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ings, especially of the right side of the heart and of" its valves,
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Novel Application of Electricity. — Dr. Poggioli read a paper
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which Major Soper delivered before the Surgeons of the Sixth Division to which he
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Apothesine is not a derivative of cocaine; it is not subject
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Secale were used effectually for threatened abortion.
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manifests itseK by a tendency to ulceration ; the disposition to which is
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the body, whether external or internal, and there gives rise to physical
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that since I first mentioned it to him, he has found it completely effec-
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opinion on the subject, a mode of proceeding he has never since ceased
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Dr. Ludlam said that he, like Dr. Fajne, found the usefulness of
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appear in the regular issue of the Journal^ it is proposed to issue, as
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Staphysagria ; in another with Rhododendron ; Parulis from carious
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being proved. He says — " It is not known how far this enlarged state
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form of Dover's powder, with hydragyrum cum creta, with the view of
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fecting various parts of the body, which has come under my notice,
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