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first year of life. The number of cases, according to Gintrac's analysis, is
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out. Syringe the rectum with cold water. If the bleeding still continues,
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improved the process in 1810 by introducing a method of sealing the
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English authors who found themselves confronted with proof positive of
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more than a hundred times a year, and for hours at a
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dentata. Course, upwards and outwards. Insertion, transverse
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fer in consequence. Prom their occasional great muscukf
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We have 10,000 enrolled school children. Five or six years ago the
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the alternation for the day ; also, to aid the return of blood by friction with the
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ings of the patient were intolerable, and required to be allayed by free
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findings are here essentially those of the underlying nephritis (which
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became quieter and more disposed to sleep, the mus-
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has been effused elsewhere, as well as into the lung, it may cause
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At the date of Dr. Pierson's arrival in Windsor, it was consid-
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physical defects is so eminently perilous to the safety of the
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len, and Burdock. The second day washed the bruised part, which was
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2. A marked rise in pulse-rate, varying in difi'erent subjects
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internal administration of good effect; not less so a
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cervix fixed immediately behind the symphysis, and the
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light. Let him sit in the sunlight and stay on the sunny
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This direct treatment is especially required in those cases of
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The observations of the rare instances of gonorrhoea
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minutes after the injection, and continuing with more or
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caught, and the needle is now passed from the apex of
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change of methods in performing hysterectomy for myoma
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the patient needs much persuasion to consent to it. I do not
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what value can his opinion be ( If he does not know the func-
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kind, healed by granulation in about ten days. In spite
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ing the past fifteen mouths. When first were subcutaneous. Two minute ones were
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monia, pulmonary malignancy, lung abscess, infarct, gangrene, actino-
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the liver which could be traced to thrombosis with lesions in the
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tant function of which is to protect the organism against de-
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was excreted and the edema disappeared. From this they concluded
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learn that this promises to be a well-attended meeting. The Gen-