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working smarter, not harder. Call us at: (-11-1) 875-5700. Fi-Med Management,
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published fifteen years after this impressive ex|>erience at the fortress of
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Dr. Donelan said that a large number of cases of syphilis had now been
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Society, in which post he succeeded Sir William Fergusson,
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There was some discussion as to the cause of the grangrene
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longer of necessity died. The death of the organism,
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good work until all such restrictions are removed. Must
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mitted to its investing membrane, the peritoneum. Modern pa-
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though readily able to resist shock and external violence
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accidental causes of aggravation. If catarrh or bronchitis has
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pain of labor, or the pain of acute rheumatism, or the pain of a severe
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this is the first case on record in which transfusion of
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the suprarenal bodies. — Clin, oplit., Paris, 1904, October 12.
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derogating for a moment from the admirable qualities of the
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cornea. The ulcer has a steep, cleanl3' cut, crescentic edge towards the centre of
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member, had brought about a somewhat similar state of
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London, who is a strong advocate of the view that the
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to trace in the latter lineaments which are clearly marked in
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and tlie more diuretic waters of Vittel and Contrexville are to be
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• Throbbing in the temples, and a dull pain across the fore-
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physician's practice extends over a large region of country. If the
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the others in rotation,) two tablespoonfuls three times a day ; or 3.
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outflow of blood from them, and that in consequence of the stagnation
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together with proper attention to personal hygiene, epidemics may be
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diabetes mellitus presented with a two-and-one-half
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heat-loss is vastly augmented, and chilling is much more
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came under his own observation : " A young lady who had
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iiirpia — Dulness under right clavicle; bronchial, almost cavernous respiration,
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page the note "meat inspection," to be made with a colored pencil or
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name of a disease whose suspected presence alone is followed by conse-
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the operation ever proving a success unless carried out
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Rigid inspection of the meat supply, as is done in Germany, should be
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Tumours in the Vagina and in the Abdomen. By John D. ]\La.lcolm,
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Clinical Medicine ; R. Woods, M. D., Diseases of the Eye
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2. After the discussion, to consider what points had seemed