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grains to the ounce of water, according to the urgency
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a Clevelander, has been awarded the highest honors.
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firuit of Fl ptanifo'lia, used as a flavoring. Off,
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tending Surgeon to St. Luke's Hospital, and to the New
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reveals nothing of importance which cannot be discov-
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deal with physiological conditions not markedly different from those
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minute structure, as to be observed with difficulty. It is a com-
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Charles G. Stockton, of Erie County; Post-febrile Insanity,
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A. A. Surgeon S. 11. Hodgson, relieved from duty at Vera Cruz.
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Sulla patologia embrionale infettiva. Arch, ed atti d. Soc.
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plasty has not given good results after extensive trial by
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of this Association, in common with the rest of the
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His hernia cerebri, however, increased in size until its walls became
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with the shadow of a doubt develop into perfectly healthy
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reason to include in tliis type an affection which E. Vidal described in,
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which, although I am not positive, I believe, like cases of whitlow,
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toms referable to that particular poison. If due to salts of Lead,
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then to the slide where the section is straightened out and blotted
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there will be held in Cleveland, September 17 to 26, a free exhi-
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in larger doses it should be given in plenty of warm water.
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with the violet rays of the spectrum are reflected, refracted
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adequate ventilation under such circumstances is, of course,
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the further observations which I made on the same patient led me to pro-
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The other point I had in mind is the relationship of drinking water
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indicating the interest which this type of cancer educa-
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of this disease on a sound pathological or anatomical basis. We believe
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Trophic and vasomotor symptoms. — ^The nutrition and conservation
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and surgeon runs his greatest risk in that part of his
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tubular process whose outer surface is epiblastic, as it lies below the distended amnion, is
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previous year, our percentage of coverage remained the same at 73%.
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the majority of cases in the literature suffered from this concurrence
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Vienna for the purpose of making arrangements for the
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tive apparatus and ou growtli in animals of same, species, j
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The objects of treatment are, Jirst, the arrest of the progress of the disease,
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whole number, one hundred and eighteen^ in the hospital, over seventy
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and may be distinguished from ordinary granulation tissue not only
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carbon dioxid in the organism, we have a means of conquering
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