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Amongst the women there were only 14 cases out of a total of 130
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The more wo treat this disease, the more experience teaches ua
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and as of right. More than all this, medicine comes to be
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the infants in the establishment, not one of them suffered from erysipelas, al-
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agement of scientific research, but no sum given to
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feed on decomposing organic matter, but their mouths
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supplies sensation to the laryngeal mucosa, and is also the
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are extremely likely to prove irritant, astringenl and coi
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due to varying degrees of reflex inhibition of the tonic activity of this center,
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reference to phthisis, will be declared impracticable. Very probably
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and multiply outside the human body, there is apparently no reason why it
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mesorectum and situated so deeply as to make it almost
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the contrary, it sometimes happened that but very little morbid
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accumulation of offensive, phosphatic, and muco-purulent urine. I
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mil. Helsov., Stockholm, 1881, ix, 433.— Marinescu (C.)
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general nervous organization, which finds its expression
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The last-named contains contractile fibrils called myonemes. The endo-
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tension, its increased size can be due only to the fact that with the
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proceeded distally, appearing only in those parts of the new
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Lond., F.R.C.S., Eng., Surgeon to the Middlesex Hospital ; Member of
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amnesic aphasia, or word deafness, many words being unrecognized, and these
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of an assistant, that he may depress the urethra from the
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yield the best advantage, for operative work does not have the same attrac-
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Teachers' Fund for War Relief, and the City of Glasgow Kennel
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of the displacement was a general atrophic change in the uter-
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not feel well, he continued at his work. He suffered
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somewhat similar from the Eoyal College of Surgeons'
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that this patient, as a rule, no sooner was made better
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by the carnea; columna?, but is smooth. This 'sacculus
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only 26 mg. more sulphur metabolized during the thymus feeding.
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tube, so that not enough was retained to nourish the patient — the oozing,
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ger is the author of one of the best books on sani-
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