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larger to the smaller branches, it will be found to pa'^s out at the
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son therefor: namely, a true vesical calculus, as large
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from facts, that always characterizes his efforts on
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and adaptation by Adolf G. Vogeler, Chicago, Illinois.
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local areas of distinctly hysterical type. Delayed sensation may be seen.
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not flatter myself that I shall be able to present anything new to you,
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as the Chairman of the Admiralty Committee of 18G5-GG,
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there are deaths from lead-poisoning every year, all
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Shoes of leather with especially high instep, with the heel
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in the breast of every one capable of love for his country, is
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made to fit around trees for climbing purposes and not to walk on.
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and Mrs. Propert, Miss H. Propert, Mrs. Thornton, Mr. and
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and in foreign literature, with the exception of one or two writers,
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Dittrich * cites a case in a man, fifty-four years of age, who had a medul-
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would seem that caution should be exercised in selecting
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the morning of my days sought the lowly and sequestered paths of
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ci€t6 de Chirurgie on Sie pros and cons of " curettage "
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The following communication, which we have received from Dr.
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seeding and thoroughly mixed with the soil. It has been found
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A committee consisting of Drs. E. H. Grannis and A. F. Heising was