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tion and was compelled to use all my powers of persuasion and
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Them. — Pauchet states that after a trauma, wound, or
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Vice-President J. G. Meachem, Sr., being now called to the
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Hie destruction of brain-filaments, whether they be broken up by
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nor seconder has had the good faith to withdraw that accusa-
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This disease at this age was not often the clear-cut
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of middle-aged people is easier to read than that of young people.
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Yonkers, New York. This is put in the tireless cooker just as the milk
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the failure of medical treatment justifies so crude a
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constant vomiting for twenty-four hours. The phenomena of shock,
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improved the process in 1810 by introducing a method of sealing the
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implicated if one bone pressed upon the other, as de-
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was very little in cither sick room, principally in the kitchen.
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tionary or diminishing, chiefly through malnutrition from
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that the health of our city is worse, and that the number of deaths has
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ease of bones and joints. The essential pathology of
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generally, if not always, without the body ; that is, it is a miasmatic infectious
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Notwithstanding the statement of one of the highest author-
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than this is the proposal to double the aliment leviable
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which led to his death; and upon the cir- ^ affecting the health, except secondarily
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But these phenomena are not the same when the irritation is more
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medicines; the first requisite, therefore, is to select a tonic that has the
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toms and signs enter into the symptom-complex. In proportion as several
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meet with cases in which there is an excessive flow of bile, giving
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William Seaman Bainbridge, A. M., Sc. D., following conditions : "
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the function of the valves, are not destructive. Its severe forms are at-
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there is reason to suspect that some of it has been faecally con-
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been palliative, for most invariably the patient would re-
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Science, N. Y., 1898, n. s., vii, 50.^-513. Also. Reprint.
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uniting the bulbar and peduncular centres might cause a variety of alter-