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the penalty clauses in said bill, it having been found

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a graduate of Jefferson Medical College of Philadel-

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no obstetric clinic and has often had but little experience. The lying-

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animals who suffered in consequence, and that as one had already suffered,

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He expressed himself as a believer in the parasitic nature

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3 of these were cases of actual trypanosoma fever. He found strepto-

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a mere machine — a living, sentient, self-acting one truly, but

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Dr. M. considered the case one of cerebral syphilis and

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derungen des menschlichen Geschlechts, aus der Geburt,

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thought unsafe, acupuncture was performed, and fluid oozed ^freely

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caissons dans les travaux sous-terrains et soits-marins. Bailliere et Fils, 1863. — 12«.

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Acetyl-salicylic acid and phenacetin may be tried for

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incontinence, changes in salivation, slurred speech, tremor, vertigo, urinary retention,

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was then determined that George ward, containing thirty- eight beds,

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1876. Botany of California. Vol. 1, pp. 144, 147, 150, 155.

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Continued, bilious, intermittent, malarial, remittent, pernicious,

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was given in effervescence, which quieted her stomach, and

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'Merthiolate’ is germicidal in dilutions up to 1:4,000 in

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The inner condyle is the larger of the two, and between the two con-

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nerve immediately after its entry into the grey matter of the cord decus-

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kidney is big, plump, firm, yet resilient, often "hog-backed," and it has

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pregnancy: report of case, Obst. & Gynec. 15:394,

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renal hypoplasia or insufficiency, due to the action of

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The occurrence of organic heart disease in association

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conditions, viz., hygroscopic, capillary, and gravitation. The hygro-

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of the way. The length of time that must ensue before recovery occurs

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resulted in total loss of the eye. Subsequently he had

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moved. Excision of the whole joint seemed therefore to promise

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that when that sinus was filled with pus there might

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