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male organs consist of testes, which may be simple or branched, and are,
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definite conclusions both as regards the bionomics of
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the junior students are to be thoroughly drilled in the pre-
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•f- " De? paralysies des membres inferieures ou paraplegies," Paris,
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before they have tasted spirits (Peddie), its development inde-
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before, anilin oil makes solutions very unstable, while
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published fifteen years after this impressive ex|>erience at the fortress of
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This association issues its Transactions for three years with
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amount. Dr. Handfield Jones has described a similar increase of
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Reycraf t, J. L. : The salicylates. VIII. Salicyl edema 329
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lost, as stated in tlic record, for 1 saw him at the hospital the
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By this incision he opened up the interior of a hydatid cyst, situated in the depth of
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dCu»«lb/^di-o-n^r^wi-a) [Gr. <Hl^ bad + Kopdfa
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House of Delegates, and shall keep minutes of their
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an infiltration of cells of scaly epithelium, with a serous
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other cases of uterine inertia with similar results, and now
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pated for some time. We shall hereafter have frequent occasion to
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that it could be pushed downwards to the most posterior portion of the labium,
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" There are many speculations in literature, philosophy and
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proliferation of an embryonic connective tissue, and is especially marked
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by the inflammation of the urethra, I do not \ charge from the urethra now becoming
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mentioned positive reactions, although usually in lower dilutions, with
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so many, in that of left — but there was not sufficient in quan-
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by a careful palpation, that the uterus is slightly hypertrophied, that
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possible. From some cases I have had under my care,
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scopical Science, 1878, pp. 245, 283, 109) on the embryology
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seven. Fat emboli were also found in the brain, suprarenal, gastric
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traction of the OS upon the extended organ. There was no
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prove after that day, and now menthol oil applied on a
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ease progresses. Extreme emaciation often accompanies the termination
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dilating coronary arteries — both normal and stenotic.
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caudal appendix about three or four inches in length,
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urine, and it is already acknowledged that an examination of the urine is
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One point, both in inserting and extracting the tobc,
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every hour until it affects the head with a sensation of
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there may be increase in neuroglial nuclei and lymphocytes in the
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Dr. Noble, Philadelphia, thought as a surgeon that something
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of the brain. Indeed, I have witnessed most marked results