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to be attained in all of these operations for the relief of
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said, the bodies of several of these animals. As the
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pathy is a mixture of mesmerism, medicine, and religion,
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+ Stoker, Sir Thornley, M.D., ex-President R.C.S., Surgeon Rich-
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Haab's magnet alone. If this wound has firmly healed,
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posed to two different kinds of derangement — corre-
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blood is to be explained by the formation in situ, at times in the serous
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treatment in a paper read before the Soci^-ty last year, giving
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not apply to health-seeking or pleasure-riding. Again,
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think, entitled to very favorable consideration, as in
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factress in the person of a Miss Ryland. Some time ago this lady presented
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rlianfs may lie furiiisli('(l at (li(> sdinn PIiico with Sh'^jooiim Clio^ts
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narcotism presented themselves speedily, with contraction of the pupils, and
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back part of the head, and secured to a sliding-rod by
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must allow the pupil to stand in recitation. It should slope 15°
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At noon the patient is fatigued and inactive, it is the time of the
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out, or the organs of supply failed to restore the waste incurred by
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tain signs of slight collapse under the continued effects
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The business being completed, the members and visiting doctors repaired
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of air, of water, etc. Examples of these are seen in the whirlwind,
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ous apparatus which acted by means of the screw. In
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The character of the fibrous tissue may be determined by microscopical examination.
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due to capillary embolism and to blood-poisoning. In addi-
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nation. Supposing a ligature to have b.een applied, the superficial veins
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occurrence of gangrene in the i>art suj»plicd by the artery, for
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reapplied. This to be followed for several weeks, gradu-
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sufficiently apparent. It prevailed extensively for about two months,
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in expressing itself nearly always shows this tendency to become