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promotes coagulation by displacing that gas. Blood which in vacuo had been
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ous and round and come out at the same time ; in chicken pox they are oval, scattered and un-
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some thickening of the adventitia also. The essential features of the
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choice but to accept all patients who contact them.
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rotated as desired, exposing every part of the vaginal walls and os uteri
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pose being to obtain stock at the least possible cost, the
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and splutters and chokes. The staple food during the second year is milk,
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Francis Sibson, M.D. Lond., Cor. issq, eo, 6i. Ex. 1862, ey.
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6 months pregnant, robust and plethoric. The anamnesis was nega-
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not correspond, as has been generally asserted, with the serum of the blood.
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Frederick Samuel Daldy. Fi; sbury -square, and Alfred Robert Steele Per-
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From the angle of the Iowbt: jaw to the symphisis : 11.5 cm.
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temptation to use more or less force is too great for most
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where the symptoms were accurately observed by me during
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eight or ten hours. The child proved to bo of about seven and
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Sea. There is evidence to show that it existed at Hongkong, at
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spinach would prove beneficial. Yolk of egg is much richer in
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world. The condition of a great portion of mankind is truly deplora-
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section. According to Celsus"* vivisection was practiced in Alexandria
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Anophelinae and that these species are mainly of noc-
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In the differential diagnosis between subphrenic ab-
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ing some of the structure of the rib, was thoroughly cureted.
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reduced in size by contractions which are often very painful,
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Greece. Besides numerous important works on diseases in
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sur lea paralysies esaentieUes oonsecutives ^ la li^vre t^'-
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Abbott, A. C, antityphoid vaccination in the army, 465, 467
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ized, in any part of the body, served to demonstrate tin-
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tion, or to the end of the fourth year. During the accom-
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ous ? If, on the other hand, the alcoholic constituent be acqnitted, most
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states were probably produced by the bursting of these glands
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20 mgr. leucoprotease-fcoagulated proteid+io c.c. euglobulin heated 16.1 c.c.
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if we did not take into consideration and weigh carefully
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attention of tlie medical r)flie( is of tlw service " to the
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licensed to practice law in this State, nor associated
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to give support by its rigidity to tho long extensile tongue
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