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of their being brought accurately together, Avith the axis of the frag-
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angina. It is probable that sudden heart arrest is always asso-
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incurable. In Italy the government, basing its action
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a science. To disparage or neglect it is unwise and unreasonable.
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I'^quilibre des poissons. J. de I'auat. et pbysiol. [etc.],
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with bichloride solutions. The combination is a very bad one. I have
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Bureau of the Parisian Hospitals, and he described in de-
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symptoms, such as gleety discharges, pain after micturition, a sense of
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that weightlessness causes loss of bone calcium. As
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general bad feeling and sense of weight, dragging pain, pain in
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the flow of blood to the brain. In the tissues it is partly destroyed
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Hospital, Kragujevatz, January 1 to May 11, 1915 (B) ; and Number of Cases in Serbian
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been subjected to the treatment; but at the same time
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appointed, namely, to prepai-e and distribute a suitable form of
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«Wiqmty-an obhquity opposite in direction to that figured bv
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urine, and it is already acknowledged that an examination of the urine is
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convolutions narrow and pressed together ; the temporal lobes
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620 — Ori8siii;:cr (J. W. ) &, Campbell (0. U. ) Re-
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Hiej not only oonsist in a lively eiythema, a decided swelling of the
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A tendency to hemorrhage may be safely stated to exist in all cases of
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on till' surface in the pseudo-stoinata, and in the experi-
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What was this wonderful substance which so astonished
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communication. He further observes, " Mes eleves ont souvent tente
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evidence has slowly but surely accumulated, so that, when the
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as a rule, constantly. Windows should be fixed to prevent his escap-
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enlargement is due mainly to hypertrophy of the splenic pulp, in which
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some place or other, almost every year, in some one of the New Eng-
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accounts given, on June 2nd, among some of these fugitives in a