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a trolley accident a few days before, aged 82 years.

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either in diagnosis or treatment. I shall only make a simple

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taneous nodules along the line of the lymphatics (farcy

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extremity of the pancreas, the gastrosplenic omentum and its

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the deprivation of aliment be complete, deatli takes place when one-fourth of

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goffer thus are those of the base of the brain and of the extremities.

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twenty-four hours at a time. This child, however, was born

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" Baneful to body and mind," he again pronounces this inter-

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had occurred in the Union during the week, and that 13 new

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already enlarged, it is probable that the loss of but

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its lack of development, due entirely to mechanical

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anterior superior spine to the top of the patella, that

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The supernatant fluid is carefully pipetted off and the precipitate

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forty-five years. But the average number of old people

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but this probably begins as the result of increased waste of tissue from exertion

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fiscal court at the time or immediately after his election. In no state

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eral other types of colonies appeared in the tubes.

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In taking official notice of the death of Dr. Charles P.

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flea (Oeratophyllus aciUtts)^ the rat flea {CeratophyUns faaciatus)^

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not apparent, so that this diagnosis did not seem satisfactory. The speaker

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such detention, tuberculosis would be set up. During se-

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lished, there is a very practical paper by Dr. Fasson, Royal

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But the way of ascent is easily discovered at the end of the

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your five, six and seven-year old children at home, and when

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ister a prompt lobelia emetic, after using the diuretic formula

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corresponding increase of heart-beat, and of steady rise of blood

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Indies. The berry is distinguished from black pepper by being

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ment, Calmette advises immediate ligation and cupping, or

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over, so well and wisely condensed, that the principal points are

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sicians and took various and numerous remedies, but with-

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physiological fact, exaggerated or developed in disease.

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Improper and insufficient food associated with filth, s(]ualor, and des-

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Neubauer and Fischer. Dent. Arch. f. klin. Med. Lyle

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I have given up the use of local applications if a child

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radiate manner, while elsewhere the periphery is occupied by filaments of

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about 78 to 84. Since the publication of these articles