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insisted upon. The liability of old ulcers to carcinomatous degeneration
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heard with reference to dairy products taken from the refrigerators,
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m some of the cases of submucous tumour when the sttod-
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be recalled in this connection that Neuberg and Richter 11 found a
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the last few years. Among these is that of Reg. v. Ryder (C.C.C. March
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J.ilMini, .md p.iiMliin p,i-ti\ In illi.iin trifi-n p,i-ic. t-tv. \ c \.i\c nut
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of the foot, it is best immediately to section the tendo achillis,
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Dr. Acland : You will see at once there is a reason why it
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pya'niia; the hullet entered above the rijrht sacro-iliac syn-
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saving much suffering and even the life of the patient.
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hope to develop an insurance program, placement bu-
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of 40, there appeared a marked and continuous loss of weight,
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period of the nurses' training at which trouble began
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expectations were far more than realized. The thoroughness of
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of the weaker vessels. One at least, of those conditions, may more-
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dorsum and you get a luxation of the phalanx on the end of the meta-
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ruary r2th; Henry Duncalfe, Esq., of West Bromwich,
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fated fkoB each other at their origin. From these and oUier considerations, which will be stated subsequently, this
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thing material falsely, though innocently, there could be no
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affection; the parotitis which occasionally appears early in tlie disease
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position as Gaertner's ducts in ruminants and swine.
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the dish with slices of beet-root. Onion sauce may be sub-
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of pathogenic bacteria, but on the other hand these do not so
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a general hypertrophy of the connective tissues, as in
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imtil in many cases a large extent of surface after a while becomes involved.
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of Boston, late Professor of Anatomy of the Medical
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in the form of blood pigment, giving rise to the smoky tint of urine,
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glands were tuberculous in every case ; ... in thirteen the
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tical information being included in an appendix. Sir Henry's last edition
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develop in the cellular tissue between the rectum and the prostate and
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invariably use it through a speculum, so that it does
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a man suffering from the most marked tetanic convul-
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for Fairfield County was strongly influenced by the high
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percent) in each Corps of Army Medical Service, Enlisted Person-
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and Practice of Medicine in the Vermont Medical College at Wood-
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On several occasions the men have stated that they felt too tired to
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of water, should be applied for three or four days until the inflamma-
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