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of this disease must be by combining all the measures which tend to
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ing or in muscular exertion. I have had patients who became accus-
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held in the Chemical Theatre. The rooms for the other sec-
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cases. Starving of animals for from thirty-six to sixty hours causes a
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Circulatory System. — Frequency of the pulse nearly always is
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unusual place. This is a variety of hirsuties or " superfluous
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pressure of a syphilitic gumma on his motor speech center. On having
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well for a fortnight, and just as the children above were con-
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pus. There is also a remarkable variety in the symptoms of the
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the adrenals does not produce this disease. We are therefore con-
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cut the attack short. The patient should lie perfectly still after taking
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Ihinkcr one instrument for thinking is enough, and he does not need
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of all carefully washed with soap and water, then a bunch (six to eight)
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King, Dr., appointed Assistant Medical Officer of Health for the Barry
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the efforts of speaking by persons in the early stages of paresis.
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authorities. The Queen's Bench Division used also to be
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every act of swallowing stimulates the cardiac systole. Even in
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temperature was 101.5°, and there was marked general im-
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introduced ; 3, contractions 1.5 minutes afterwards.
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atropine, so that the symptoms produced by the former poison
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of such dimensions at times as to indicate some grave defect somewhere.
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R. D. Patterson, Caledon ; Mr. C. E. Paget, Salford ; Dr. J. W. Parke,
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the ribs in pleurisy causes the functional symptom of cou^, while
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I Surgeon-Captain W. G. Thorold, Bengal Establishment, officiating
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