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enveloped in cold wet sheets, which must be renewed

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Art. VII. — An account of a case in which there was extensive

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skin seemed to deaden on the outside, but down in the creases was very

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DAvmsoN, M.A., M.B., Assistant-Physician to the Children's Hospital,

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or fibroid tumors. In menorrhagia the patient is almost always

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(vision-purple), but further investigation has shown that the

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thrusting of a trocar, one might almost say at hap-hazard,

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first, 1862, a large number of medical and surgical cases were treated, and numerous

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pox is prevailing, and in which there is reason to believe

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nothing. “About the only thing the people could be

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other irritations necessarily following confinement ? I leave the question for your more

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Until a homeopathic medical college for teaching" purposes is established in

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sixty persons has syphilis or has had it The amount of

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fauces, which he expelled from the mouth within a few days.

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have, without clear justification, been attributed to prolonged use of

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water stools appear, very similar to those in Asiatic cholera. The

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per cent of his cases of pure epilepsy, and of insanity in 33 per cent. In

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nervous manifestations. The procedure is simple, lumbar puncture being

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Diseases of the Neck of the Uterus. — MM. Trousseau and Aran have already

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1913. Harris ( W. A. I— The Experimental Production of

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It is a shrill) of from six to eight feet in height. The leaves

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12 Read at the meeting of the Association of American Physicians, Washing-

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fracture below the trochanter, in which it has been impos-

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deaths. This shows an operative mortality of 15.38 per

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lowing ovariotomy and other operations involving open-

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Case 4. Mrs. M. H. married in 1859 her second cousin ; had three

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Occasionally, — according to von During but rarely, and accord-

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to the loins ; blisters, purgatives, succeeded by iodide of potas-

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in 1890, the mortality has undergone a very marked change. Roux stated