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monarv tissue, forming translucent, grayish, and :i; . <. M 'U,,^: ,, v n f ,,K~,^ ,il -. -,,*

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influence a thorough vaccination of the whole king-

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head of the femur is trimmed and adapted in form to fit

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oi his investigations in electricity, which was followed by a

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success; but in the 2 last cases, using the same mosquito kept twelve

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streptococci and other bacteria developed. Teage sug-

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cat, and found a fall of blood-pressure, with dilatation of the vessels

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all sides. Two of the cells seen are of enormous size, having a

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measles. She had not been out of the house for a couple of months. There was no

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in the form of an enema. The patient's attention is then turned away

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and good will — tomorrow, perhaps, I may be telling

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1 Centralbl. f. BaJd. u. Parasil., 1898, Band xxiii, abt. i, pp. 371-391 u. ff.

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Dose.— One or two pills mav be taken three or four times daily, at meals.

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the derangements, if any, which affect any of these or-

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accompanying these changes. Increased humidity, a rising ther-

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Mr. Stansfeld's carefully studied Bill, which will become law

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hours : IJ Sodii salicylat., 3 ii; ol. gaultheriae,

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five years, and j'et at that time there were no signs of

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of the left lateral column. It is perhaps worthy of notice that even these

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them examined? but as none of them exhibited any signs of

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tions, and lead to abscesses ; but that such is not the necessary

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beneficial effect on groups of structures, we will now ex-

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common. After exposure to cold or a damp chill, the mucous membrane,

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circumference of the tube, measuring IJ- " along the straight

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18th. — Is evidently dying; feet and hands cold ; pulse 1G0 ;

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