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to blacken or redden the membranous partitions of the cells containing the
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Three defects have been developed in the practical ad-
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At the end of eighteen hours the filtrate showed a distinct, uniform
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Bull. Soc. anat.-clin. de Lille, 1886, i, 127-132. — Oodlce
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dominal tumor adherent ; larger on the right side ; very ten-
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Much more remains to be done, in the application of the prin-
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uneasy movements of the paws, the latter symptoms being
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by the snare. The first method is liable to be tried on
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attadced, all the different grades oi the disease are often exhibited
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cavus, may ensue. Flat-foot is sometimes a sequela of gonorrhoeal
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It is needless to call the attention of our readers to any pro-
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insited with extreme violence in September. In 1854 the disease prevailed as
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Changes in the Blood. — Only those alterations accompanying infection
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State Laws. — An equal care in preparing legislation should
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mothorax with complete collapse of the lung, etc. ; but there are others
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lar fibers, an inhibitory action may occur in the antagouistic