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in the axilla. By a somewhat different route, but probably still by means
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In recording his first case, operated on in June, 1842, ]Mr. Clay makes the
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of the wouuilcd artery, to mark the various changes which take
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• Dnpiiytren. Lcc-oiu Oralc de Cliniiioe Cljlrurfficalc. 2nic Ed., Paris, lS;iO, toiiiu 2,
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296. Spanish Onions (Stewed)— Ingredients— 5 or 6 medium-
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medicine or surgery, if they can only find subjects to practise on.
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Mr. James illustrates the daily changes of temperature at
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HI. What measures, in your opinion, are best adapted to limit or
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Each of these was redistilled at least twice, in order to make as complete a
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Mr. Ninman is past president of the Wisconsin Press
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to occur. Epistaxis is rather conniion. Ascites often occurs, may in-
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the pain in the back ceases, thc^ digestive functions im-
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and pain, and was much frightened ; he received some morphine subcu-
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of the functions of the bulbar bodies, nerves of sight,
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are inferences and not facts ; but so far as I know, there
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In 8ome of the ovray burns he has examined, the patients had
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good results later in the trouble. His theory is that the susceptibility to colds is
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On the 22d of March patient was again tapped, nine pints of a similar fluid
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high intrinsic energy does not possess the total or complex
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mutually attract one another at near distances, and cohere, if contiguous ; and electric bodies
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moderate degree. This and a leucocytosis may be the only points
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fessor A. Kast (" 'riicr. Momitsli.," ISSS, No. 7) altrihulcs t lie delayed
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ages shown in the table would have been immune to small-pox in 1902
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Dr. John Musser, of Philadelphia, is chairman of the
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roots of the temporary ones, push up against the roots of the
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recovered from a well-marked form of progressive muscular atrophy under
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the matter ? If this be not the meaning, the statement amounts to nothing,
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varicose groin glands, chyluria, etc. This infection was formerly stated to be caused
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He has tried them both in a number of cases in this way : He
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within the abdomen. It was removed and the inguinal
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estimated on several different occasions in six control starving dogs
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electro-physics and the use of the high frequency current, is a valuable