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M. Becquerel has determined that in this disease of the liver no pus globules

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tricity ; occasionally, however, terrific hurricanes occur.

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a slight tingliug. Applied to the conjunctiva of a rabbit, they

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experiments, whether the^ are constant, firequent, or exceptional.

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superior revenue officer having jurisdiction in certain cases.

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the pulse having risen, and the pain and oppression become more severe,

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The affections of the brain that caused sudden death were next dwelt upon;

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is runninof off in a similar manner, about 10,000 acres having been completely drained.

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over healthy lung, but perhaps it may be described rather as a

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change of carriages. The crowd of bathers who flock to this

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petent to observe and willing to give to the public the results

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practice of abdominal breathing serves to reheve many

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case is water, and in the other the juices of the stomach'? There are acids pre-

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Dr. Mackay. Taken in connection with the annnal reports of

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with extraordinary strains. In the heart crippled by val-

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rheumatic attack. Pains, however, in the limbs and palpitation had

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work is well known. For many years he has been a resident in British India,

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one length into another) must be thought of, especially

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obstructing matter within their cavities. Certain forms of arteritis are con-

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> < Annales d'OctUUtiqne/ 1. liv, Juillet et AoQt, 1865.

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peculiar to varicose aneurisms, both of which symptoms disappeared upon com-

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bility that under favorable circumstances the pus may be

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siderably exceeds 200, it wiU at once be seen how much good, in rospect of such

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observation of healthy specimens has satisfied him that, even in

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ratively speaking, useless to the general practitioner or lawyer.

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two cases of obstinate cough were improved, that one case of croup

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cated with the artery by an opening of three lines in diameter, on a level with

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germs. A thing is said to be aseptic when it is free fro

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rejected. I then administered one grain every ten minutes in a teaspoonful of

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patient now seemed perfectly cured, her strength had returned, and her digestive

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Dr. Webster, in addition to the remarks made by Dr. Gregory on the epi-

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one-eighth of the whole; in about the same proportion, one-eighth, in those who

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small patches throughout the lungs, particularly the