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Ends (4, 8 v°. line 32) : erubuit . Ego uero pontificio et si animum improbem pro

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Works on the various departments of Natural History, have here-

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For Cesar De Missy (1703-1775), Prussian critic and divine, see V. 3. 3.

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Moses wrote quite clearly about the power of heat to

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same consistency of ordinary vaccine virus, and this was introduced

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quest to be put to work. This mitigation of the disease, however,

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Ends (13, 2 [f. 1 19] v°. line 9) : proficies si deus voluerit

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Pappworth, M. H., Human Guinea Pigs: Experimentation on Man, Londres, Routledge &

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The late XVII. Cent, foliation is all but cropped off.

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obstruction, incidentally lead to alterations in the mechanism

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was almost inefficient, but that during the previous year, it was

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10 cases, that the left eye was affected in 9, which he

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tered (coming from the periprostatic veins, particularly those

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Binding: Millboards, covered varnished calf, gilt-tooled (lines) sides and panelled

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fusely, accompanied with the smell of putrefaction. The finger

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parent: we must do every thing in our power to invigorate and for-

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his great reputation, they must produce great good in a country,

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from the vexatious annoyances, and mortifying insults, and persevering

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the uterus, will generally be sufficient to effect a removal of the

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Prologus. I Vt alimenta sanis corporibus agricultura, sic sani

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De plus, la loi du 11 juillet 1975 47 régit les laboratoires médicaux et de recherche

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Collation: No fly-leaves. || i 4(6) , 2 8 -4 8 . 5 9<10) , 6 8 -20 8 , 2i 718) , 22 8 -24 8 , 25 s , 26 8 -28 8 , 29 s , 30 3(4) . ||

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begins late in systole, and is prolonged into the diastolic

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produced by a fall, in the other it was congenital. In the one the nose

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•opiate, unless, perhaps, the outraged stomach have lost its appetite, in

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peut espérer en tirer aucun bénéfice personnel, l'avantage prend une forme différente,

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Tremens. But I cannot doubt, that in each of these very different

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respired fifty times in a minute; at its conclusion thirty-eight times

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On f. 32 r°. bottom margin, a similar diagram, with those circles (beginning with the

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liquid and destitute of bile as they had been — exhaustion and

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fastened with small pin-headed brass nails. The boards had also central bosses (now

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1. Theodosius', (of Tripoli in Asia Minor), Treatise on Spherical Figures :

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On ii, 1 r°. in a XVII. -XVIII. Cent, hand: This MS which is fair and Beautifully written |

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spare in the present number; and we are, therefore, constrained

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