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study began again at seventeen (Andover and Amherst),
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left ureteral orifice there projected a worm-like piece of
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chin "-like fold already referred to, but it covers
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knee jerks were present, th(> left more active than the
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>f the operation in advance. Bronchoscopy through
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to the best sources. Care should be taken to remove
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edge supi)lied until s.anatoriums for the treatment of
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had an apoplectic attack with disturbance of speech
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the most part homogeneous. There are several areas of
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bearing on the special features to which we wish to
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tended with insanity, and had ever since been studying
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University of California Publications. Physiology. The
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an earlier period, are still unaware of the present frequency
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of first class cottages recently erected ; also, from the
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which profess to describe the usages of that curious product of the
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brillary twitchings were common enough in states of
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cacies for the benefit and promised favor of H. J.B.,
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city in the recent investigation of the Long Island
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in the medical profession ; hence success is and will
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every respect a most unfavorable one, as the patient
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The other histological changes, namely, the altera-
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The Diagnosis of Diseases of Women. A Treatise for Stu-
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D. Crothers of Hartford, Conn., Pi-of. of Mental and Nervous
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thritis has subsided, the urine has become cleared,
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jntly but in the same direction with Dr. Wyman's, asked
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vulgaris, lupus vulgaris and erythemat^jsis, supcr-
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Stoner, G. W., surgeon. Leave of absence for five days
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diseases ; Foster for sefling a powder for the cure
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was to receive one third. Latham was to furnish the
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the fever is clearly intxM'mittent and is cut short
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drawn fairly tight so as to constrict all vessels in
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at any new-fangled artificial ventilation. The wards
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but an active and strong woman, doing general house-
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cular patch, which in the pig, as in man, is seated
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jaundice, intermittent colic and intermittent fever
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during the three months of his illness up to March 1. He
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placed in water, alcohol or glycerine, or simply ex-
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influenza, and that the leucocytosis was due to the
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a marked disturbance in control of th(! .sphincters came on
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statement — to .say that there is no allowance ff)r a
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in clumps and singly, neither associated with blood