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to pasteurized milk. This is still a disputed point, but the evidence
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De. Edwaed p. Davis, 250 South 21st Street, Philadelphia, U. S. A.
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very poor. January 9, curetting of the granulation tissue, incision
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may be occasioned by congestion, effusion, or exudation ; and that we
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The treatment in the hospital consisted of leeches to the temples ; foot-baths,
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t seems probable that a very small portion of cholera discharges suffices
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c. A few drops of this fluid when injected hypodermatically into a
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the cliair. lie was supported on his right hy the Prince of
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poral bone, at a point about 83 millimetres behind the external orbitar process of
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from the inability of the vessels of the chorionic villi to rid
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showed, in all such places, an increase of temperature
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irritation, meiciMalization, antimonial and other nauseating pro]>arations,
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suffering from pemphigus neonatorum, Pontoppidan has advanced the
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()94-(i98. — ICobiii (0.) Ob.servatiena snr la eonstitntiim du
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the humerus, femur, tibia, and fibula — is very interest-
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double contour ; they are often dichotomous. Nieuwenhuis has
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She finally returned to the hospital for operation, and was
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and chloroform is the quickest, but its prolonged use is sometimes
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tenacity of com])osition in every part, and such balance
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in almost all cases unnecessarily performed, and in many esses it proves
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are altogether restricted to those cases in which previously weakened
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tores scripserunt, jam tibi facile apparebit, nulla
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Europe amd America; methods employed; results in 100
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It is an improvement to brush over the tops- with a little milk,
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The primary symptoms of Syphilis are undoubtedly contagious
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the glass beakers and heating chambers of the laboratory.
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schools to have a supply of bodies for dissection, upon which the students may
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Coxes, Swine, and other Domestic Animals. By B. Moubray, Esq.
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is always ready to meet an emergency under the most favourable
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secretion of milk was established at this time, and the reductive
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within the vital organism. By tracing the progress in a
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bacteria find their way into the animal organism substances antagonistic