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EmhoUc der Jlirmjcfasse. Wiirzburg, 1879.-39. Cdorkr, A.'^ Guy's Ifnsp. Hep.

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Wicklow, in January, 1834, while eating pork and speaking at the same

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Disinfection of the Intestine^ and Antisepsis. — The use

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fixed in position. Abdominal muscles, originally flaccid, now firm and

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mittee report on tuberculosis. Nothing special has been

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lucci and Pieraccini^ upon insanity following gynecological

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By O. H. MANKIX, Licntenaiit. Modical Corps, T"nited Statps Xavy.

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the lower limbs. If the spinal affection be above the lumbar region, and the

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airy and well ventilated, bat of an agreeable temperature, and he should

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play in the algorithm modification process. The Con-

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large number of facts appear to be conclusively established to justify

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different species, or even of its own species, but not to other tissues

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and numerous cases of urethral hemorrhage have been publish-

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for the reception of lunatics, retard or prevent the

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new theory of the cause of choleraic collapse, given a

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430. Physiology of Reproduction. — A consideration of problems relating to re-

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gastric or recurrent laryngeal nerves, but central lesions degeneration,

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of the 113 recoveries. Forty-six per cent, of the number were un-

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this patient had experienced thrombocytopenia while taking other drugs.

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suffered more than the poor and ill-conditioned. It accentuated

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Cases more Palliatire than Curative. Variations and Adaptations

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as those described for the control of epidemics in institutions. The

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both by teacher and doctor, and all use be prohibited

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adverse reactions If concomitant use cannot be avoided, plasma levels of theophylline should be monitored and