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this title. He looked upon ventral fixation as one of the most

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tities and at regular intervals. Still, all such regulations are

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Tetanus, The Treatnuiit of the Acute Stage of.. 246

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of the rapid supj)ression of the urinary excretion on

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" The favourable effects of these baths [brine baths] in scrofulosis,

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mospheric air. The latter died in convulsions seven minutes after the

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bacillus of rabbit septicemia, recently isolated from spontaneous

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The cut pieces of the stomach and their washings were put into a

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Temperature, 37.4** C. ; pulse, 120 ; respiraUon, 30.

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charge very slight. Plug removed from wound altogether ; cavity

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me longer to urinate than it used to. So I had to wake

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the orbit, and is referred with special intensity to the back of the eye.

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topography, its type, its symptomatology, its patho-

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corporeal cause becomes so imperative that justification cannot be

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The President's Address, delivered at the opening of

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pain is a prominent symptom. Tetronal is indicated in

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trated. By Reginald Harrison, F. R. C. S., of London 373

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I appeal to the profession for their testimony on this matter — I ask

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writers ; and that word has undergone corruption into the French migraine

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An indigenous forest tree, sometimes attaining the height of

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of Philadelphia, read a paper with this title, of which the

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Censors. — Francis West, M. D., Lewis ; mate of an intimate friend of my own, the

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the lower portion of the cornea, and this is opened daily for a week, so

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November 22 to the board of directors of the Minne-

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what unusual affection. A very small biliary calculus having