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when it acts favourably : if the skin be already perspiring,
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contents, and in established cases an absence of HCl and of the gastric ferments
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solution the position of the absorption band is altered, but we had
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tion of censors might be committed to the physicians resid-
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riod of more than a year. Dr. Davenport concludes that:
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pi^mature ossification of the epiphyseal cartilage may occur, with
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Morbid Anatomy. — In the early period, general redness and
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The uterus would contract every two or three minutes, and she would appear
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2. The History of Loukerga Lobanova.— -The patient, a
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the somatopleure (parietes), it follows, says the author, that
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den reduction of the temperature. By constringing the
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should follow the means suggested ; when gall-stones actually exist, a
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the washing, heated by steam-pipes. Next to this is the ironing room. The
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be serous and not purulent, should be relieved by multiple punctures
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rupture of the tube ; 2 of association with diseases of other
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(2) Chalicosis (stonecutters' phthisis), caused by the inhalation of mineral
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intramuscularly, and had, therefore, tried iodoform and
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etiology and pathology of this common affection, or to advance any
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slei)t perfectly well, but on awakening he was still unable to utter a woni.
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of the femur. An Esmarch's tourniquet was applied, and after
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Richard C. Norris, M. D., Editor. Robert L. Dickinson, M. D.,
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which, under certain circumstances, might have lodged a portion
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tivitis due to the larvae of one of the Tachinariae
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Inf/elher. (Fiir. 2c.) Digitalis was stopped, and on
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6. That a committee be appointed to study and make recommendations for the advance-
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toneal cavity in cases of persistent or recurrent effu'
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seen on December 5th he had complete loss of the right serratus
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The temperature of water in the bags was 50^^ C. In-
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at the hands of one of these fanatics. It is evident, there-
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tution, but also of asylum construction and architecture. The means afforded
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Intemship/residency, University of Missouri, Columbia.
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of disease in one of the duplicate ureters. When an article
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and ineradicable hatred of medicines called by them
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matter of physiology. If on the one hand protoplasm is the basis