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hancement of the cyst ring or hydrocephalus. Because intra-
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recognized -as good practice in both military and peace sur-
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from three weeks to three months. In no instance were tubercle
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or intentional violence constituted the iete noir of the profes-
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The regulation of the amount of drink ingested is an important point
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these years, among so many young women, I do not re-
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dissolved, or certainly crushed before taking into the stomach
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easily be washed, and if possible walls without paper,
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Vascular occlusions occur both in the veins and arteries. They may
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" A close observation of this disease leads to the conclusion
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farm was necessary and cast their votes for it was very gratify-
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intestinal eruption [psorenterie) ; and white stools sui generic
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the vulva, beyond which they projected. The cervix could bt> felt
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expected, more than one child affected. We may, there-
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consideration as the most urgent therapeutic indication. The
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ing from the inception to the permanent contractures — a period of
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few lesions there may be formidable symptoms, and vice versa. As it
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as the intestinal mucosa for instance, occurs during the sporulating
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life ; and the tissues, when we again meet with them possess-
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favorite amusements are visiting the Victoria Theatre and pitching pennies, It
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I that only an entire misapprehc nsion of the facts could possibly
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the bones, and incidentally with the character, tempera-
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unsightly scar. Fovcr is usually present during the active stage of the
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as no effort is made to bring the duodenum and the renuiiiuler
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obliged to drive for some time with great rapidity in order to over-
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the face— an angular acceleration in the range of 7,000 de-
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Guaiacol (the chief constituent of creosote) and its various com-
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(Fig. 9). The patient lived two weeks. Operation was refused. He was con-
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amounts of albumin and blood which the urine contains. The polyuria of
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found to treat when she arrived here, she had been advised to re-
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signed to duty as Post-Surgeon at Jackson, Mississippi.
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or by tearing across, no medicine can restore its function.