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teric, right external iliac and right femoral arteries, supervening
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chial ; then, a little lower, a slightly tympanitic percus-
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stances. Having been treated for a soft sore in July, 1864, he
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of dental hygiene, and actual demonstrations in the public schools.
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the most beneficent era that the medical world has known, since Jenner
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oeciaiiy cooling influences, it is obvious that they could not be charged with
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made mistakes in the hurry and had to look again, but on tho
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Copies of last j-oar's proceedings can be had from him on
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When the patient stands properly balanced in the proper
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of an educational committee. Attendants must have trained for two years at an
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S. Hanssen, University of Nebraska Medical Center, CME
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paper on Physical Development. The paper did not deal with
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vulsions, particularly the latter. The convulsive attacks are epileptiform
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the minutest fraj^ment, is precisely and entirely alike.
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have been invented is legion. The only one necessary to mention
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instrument; control the movements of the instrument by placing one hand
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mally slow. In either event it is found that any muscular exertion
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has been closed at the Academy by the appointment of a
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orbicular branch of the facial nerve. A second incision is then caj>
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But, above all else, the duration of the sojourn in the cais-
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his parents in proportion to the fidelity of the parents in
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Wadsworth, Queen's CoUege, Belfast; William EdwartlWai-ren,.
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pended. And, finally, never lose sight of the fact that
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in a cold tank is certainly original, but it will, we fear,
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ered a risk factor because of the higher incidence of coronary
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meeting of the Medical Society of London, March 25, 1861, and reprinted from
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him, is not applicable to penetrating wounds of the joints.
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or leg, or an actual injury of the cord. The practical
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study, a scientific spirit in sifting the contradictory statements of phy-
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Lubchenko, N. E., Harrisburg; N. C. Med. Coll., 1915 1915 1916
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of opium. As a drink, rice-water is indicated in such states.
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3. Both may be developed but there may be no connection be-
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weeks in w liicli the patient remained in the hospital most ot
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Letter avoid dividing the artery. In the hind leg, it does not